Monday, March 19, 2012

3 Sister Time

There was a time when most of my 6 sisters and I would get together overnight or for an extended week-end once a year or so. We went to Connecticut, Massachusetts and did several overnights right here in Lancaster County. Our sister Janet, she now lives in heaven, was the one to push us to make/take time. We are so glad we did. It seems almost harder now than it was then to keep getting together. Mary Ellen tries really hard to make them she and I headed to State College on Saturday morning to our sister Jeanie's home for some 3 Sister Time!

But first things first....we picked up our Step Mother, Mary. We planned to take her to Mifflintown, which is on the way to State College, where Mary would have some Sister Time with her sister Nora. Nora met us at a gas station...
Aren't they so sweet?
Nora on left, Mary on right

Mary Ellen and I arrived at Jeanie's home around 11a. We took a brief tour of her home (we were both there before but Jeanie added some new decor since we were there) then had a yummy lunch. Later we did some shopping and looking and did our fair share of laughing.

You can't see their faces
but they were laughing and laughing!
Like Jeanie says,
it doesn't take much to get us going =)

Later we had dinner at Jeanie's home. Her son and his family joined us.

Anthony, Lori and Austin

After dinner Austin wanted to go outside
to play with a favorite toy -
a hula hoop!

Lori shows us how it's done!

Let us in, Let us in...
not by the hair on my chiny chin chin...
We had not seen this little beauty before -
Dick's storage shed and work shop.
Look at the window on the left.
Can you see someone looking at you?

Yes, someone was looking at you!
Some of Jeanie and Dick's boys found this self portrait
that Jeremy painted in high school.
They put it at the shed window as a joke.
I think it's so funny!!

The man in his castle has visitors!

Sunday morning was early to church. Jeanie and Dick attend a small United Methodist church down the street. Service starts at 8:15. I didn't get any pictures of Fillmoore. It's a beautiful old white church with wonderful stained glass windows and red doors. What a friendly church! So welcoming. Jeanie and Dick sing in the choir and help wherever they can.

 After that service it was to another UM church where Jeanie is the worship leader. Again, what a friendly church! The first service, Fillmoore, was a traditional service. The second, Houserville, was a contemporary service. (both were wonderful)

The worship team practices before the service starts.

This sweet little girl was helping light the candles.
She is one of Jeanie's piano students!

This church has encouraging words through out the
 sanctuary, lounge, entrances, nursery....

This church also has interesting doors....very colorful doors!




It was a beautiful day. So warm and sunny! For lunch, we headed to the town of Belfonte. This town is built on a hill or side of a mountain. Dick took us for a ride on some streets that had me nearly screaming...they were soooooo steep! It felt like the car would go head over heels down the street.

That doesn't look half as scary as it felt!
Believe me, it was crazy steep!

Lunch at the Waffle Shop
Jeanie, Mary Ellen, Me

Picture taker and Chauffeur for the day =)
 Mr. Dick Stauffer

After lunch we headed to a pretty park in Belfonte. So many people were enjoying the beautiful day.

Beautiful bridge

Beautiful waterfall

Beautiful Gazebo!

Beautiful ducks take a leisurely swim

We don't look half bad ourselves =)

All too soon it was time to head back home again. We left around 3:15, filled up the car with gas, got on the highway. In no time we were stopped in accident up the highway had things at a standstill. For.a.long.time. We called Mary several times to let her know of our progress, or lack there of. After picking her up at the same gas station, we were on our way home.

I came home to a house full of my kids and Grands. What fun again!

Memories added to the memory bank. Thanks, Sis, for the great time. I hope we can do it more often!


Anonymous said...

Doris, I really enjoyed this post. What a nice visit and I love that you have included pics of you and your sisters and the places you visited.

A month or so ago, my friend Amy and I went to visit another friend about two hours away. We got caught in a terrible traffic jam coming home and just SAT! It gave us time to catch up with one another though!

From the Kitchen said...

My two sisters and I meet in our Virginia hometown every October for ten days. Then we have a week together in April, alternating between my home in the midwest and one sister's home in Florida every other year. We love catching up, eating, shopping, laughing and lazing around together. Looks like you enjoyed much of the same.


Joanne said...

what a wonderful time for sisters , Don't know what its like to have a sister,wish I did though. glad you all can get together and have fun.

Musicaljean said...

You know you girls are welcome A.N.Y. T.I.M.E.!!!! We didn't even do one of the things I had on my list, hahahahaha! So you have to come again!

Theresa said...

Oh what a fun trip! You ladies look beautiful! Gorgeous sites all around. I know you had the best time with your Sisters, laughing and chatting. Thanks for sharing your trip with me:). Big hugs

Mary Ellen said...

Doris and Jeanie, maybe we can make this an annual March event, but the weather probably won't be as warm next year on the 3rd weekend in March.
Thanks to both of you for the good coverage of our weekend. The laughter we shared was so good for me. mew

momto8 said...

lucky you!! and this post is a great reminder of how we have to MAKE time for our family and friends.