Saturday, October 29, 2011

Really, can it be?

The weatherman said it would be so. It didn't come as soon as expected. That could be a good thing.....guess we will see!

It's snowing quite heavy right now. It's a heavy, wet snow which could be a problem for the trees. The snow is sticking to the leaves which could cause branches to come down. I think the weather people are making a bigger deal about this than it will be. I could be wrong!

Snow in October in our neck of the woods is rare, indeed. I will enjoy it as I do my indoor work. Hubs said he would be delighted (my word!) to take me to Ollie's today. I hope to find some Christmas paper to print invitations to the Christmas Brunch at church. I like Ollie's Good, Cheap stuff! Ellen even wants to go along.

And then, Aidan and Zoe are coming to stay with Nana and Pop Pop while their parents attend a class reunion. Yeah! I am soooo happy to see them again. I missed my sweet littles this week!

Have a great week-end! I'll post more pictures later. It's a lot whiter out there than when I started this post!


Maple Lane said...

Wow! Hard to imagine snow this time of the year. Hope you all are feeling better today and I hope you find just what you are looking for at Ollie's. Looks like it will be a good evening to stay inside!

Granny said...

I love Ollie's too! Ours is across town, so I only get there when I have an appointment, but I LOVE seeing what bargains I can find (and of course that will dictate what I NEED to get ... or so I tell my hubby :) ... as for the snow --- our region is getting the cold rain, but just north & west of here is already at several inches. I'll keep the rain & stay inside. I know you'll have a blast with your grands -- they really do make life "grander", don't they?

Theresa said...

Oh NO, SNOW... too early for SNOW! Happy that you are feeling like getting out and shopping a little! Enjoy your evening inside your WARM home:) HUGS!