Sunday, October 30, 2011

Snow, Sweet Littles, Family


This was taken before 2 on Saturday. We had much more after that.
The trees were really hanging low but none broke.

No chance of a picnic just now! 

Sweet Littles

This Little Sweetie came to Nana and Pop Pop's.
She is enjoying a cookie!

Another Little Sweetie came for the evening....
this one is enjoying some Ice Cream!

Oh, Zoe, you are just too cute....
runny nose and all!

We watched Toy Story and Lion King!
(Mommy and Daddy were away for a long time!)


This morning we went to church as usual. What a wonderful service! Worship music was so good. The sermon was given by a young artist who comes to our church. His message was geared towards the children but had such truth for all of us. He used a pad connected to a laptop which was connected to the big screen. As he spoke, he drew illustrations which we could see on the big screen. It was wow!

We spent the afternoon with Marcy and Scott and Paityn. Marcy will go to the hospital on Tuesday for a scheduled induction. We needed to discuss care for Paityn. I will keep her towards the end of the week.

Sweet Mommy with two daughters...
Paityn and the little one we will meet this week.

What a week this will be! A new Grandbaby to love is big, real Big! 

Yesterday while at Ollie's, Ellen was having little success in finding a book to buy. I suggested she look for a movie. Her excited little hand landed right on the movie Hairspray! She has been wanting that movie and it was only $2.99! We watched it this evening. We saw this movie in the theater when it came out.....whatever that year was! Ellen and I still love it.....what a fun movie!

What are you dancing to tonight?  hehe


Anonymous said...

I still cannot get over all your snow! Zoe and Aidan are so cute - look at the size of that ice cream bowl!!!
Praying all goes well with Marcy and the new baby later this week. I cannot wait to meet the new little one. I know Paityn will enjoy her time with you.
Have a good day, Doris. Glad Ellen found a good movie!

Theresa said...

Looks like you had a fun SNOWY weekend with those grandbabies:) Zoe IS cute as a tiny button! Can't wait to meet your NEW little one! I know you are SO excited! Enjoy your week my friend, BIG HUGS!

Musicaljean said...

So eager to hear about Marcy's birth. I hope it's as easy as last time.

I never saw Hairspray, but I do remember when Destiny was in the dance show at Lititz Rec, the older kids did a number from Hairspray, and it was INCREDIBLE!!

Our snow is all gone. How 'bout yours?