Friday, October 28, 2011

Blue Skies

Just had to get outdoors to snap a few pictures.....

This is calling my name.....
Come sit a spell!

Yes, we have blue skies today. I will be sure to post some pictures tomorrow if our local weather man is correct with his forecast. Personally, I hope he is way off this time!!

*Update on the sickness in our house. I'm getting better very slowly. Greta was diagnosed with strep this morning, Ellen is going to the Dr. this afternoon. We'll get through this!

** Update on the sickies! Ellen also has strep. No surprise there!

I am feeling almost as good as new! I have been able to do some laundry, I did some shopping this afternoon, washed all the dishes without breaks, and did some needed straightening. And I ate a normal dinner! It feels so good to feel so good! Praise the great and mighty name of Jesus!

Ellen and Greta are also starting to feel better. This evening we started to hear Ellen giggle at whatever she was watching on TV (Ellen giggles and talks to herself all the time!). And she ran through the family room to the that is the normal Ellen!! Ellen is rarely quiet, rarely just walks, rarely is still.

We will all be healthy enough to give our new baby, to be born, some love. Oh, I can not wait!!


Anonymous said...

So sorry about all your sickness there. Wish I was close enough to bring some home-made soup. I enjoyed your pretty photos. Hope you all improve over the weekend.

Musicaljean said...

What wonderful news that you're feeling so much better! Thank you, Lord, for antibiotics!!

So eager to hear news of Marcy's baby.

We've been planning for a visit from Sam and Jenn this weekend. I will be so dreadfully disappointed if this forecasted snow storm keeps that from happening.