Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Is this what the Flu feels like?

I never get sick....not really sick. I've had a sore throat and a cold from time to time but usually get over them fairly quickly.

Oh my, this is not good! I have a fever (I never rarely get fevers....had 2 in my adult life that I can remember).

My throat is very sore, I hurt when I move, my stomach feels upset.....

so I'm covered with blankets, am trying to drink water and trying to sleep. I want this gone!!

This, too, shall pass =)


Theresa said...

Oh my dear friend, I HOPE and PRAY you feel better! My recent upper respiratory infection just about kicked my booty! Take care of yourself and yell if you need me:) HUGS!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I am so sorry. I pray you feel better soon. Keeping you in my heart and prayers.

Musicaljean said...

The flu is definitely different than a cold. I had the flu in '97 and could barely get off the couch for days. It hit me on a Saturday evening and I missed leading worship at church the next morning and a whole week of school. I pray this will not hit you that hard. But if it is the flu, just allow yourself to say no and lie on that couch under those blankets.

Doris said...

I don't have a cold just a very, very sore throat and the fever just won't go away (still spiking over 102). Maybe it's strep. Guess I will make an appointment it I'm no better by tomorrow.

I had to go get Ellen at school today. She has a sore throat but not a fever.