Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Please Pray!

We are experiencing heavy rain and flooding in our county and surrounding counties here in eastern PA.  My husband and our son have been pumping nearly 5 ft. of water out of our son's basement since about 5 this evening. It's now after 11pm and our neighbor just rapped on our door wanting my hubby because they are experiencing rising water in their home and possibly his parents next door....all he said was 'my Dad' then took off to another neighbor when I told him Dale wasn't home.  Oh, Lord Jesus, we need you!

Christy and the children are sleeping at our home tonight. Dale is planning to come home but sooo many roads are flooded. I pray for safety for him.

Thank-you, my dear blog friends, for petitioning for mercy on our behalf.

* Hubby is turning around and heading back to spend the night at our Son's. I feel better about that. He can try again in the morning when it's daylight.


Anonymous said...

I am praying, Doris. Keep us posted as you are able.

Musicaljean said...

Oh Doris!! I'm reading all these news articles and FB updates, and my insides are trembling! Praying!!!

marcy said...

I was wondering if dad was able to get home last night. I pray this rain stops soon. Did you hear how things are at Corey's house this morning and did Dad try to get home this morning?

Doris said...

No he's not home. The heavy rain caused the basement to flood again around 2 so they were pumping again till around 4. I don't think Dad will be able to get home because Manheim is surrounded by water. This is all so crazy!!


I just saw your post and am joining your friends in praying. Lord, grant safety and protection, no injuries, protection of property and peace. Amen.