Thursday, September 8, 2011

What a day!

I didn't sleep much last night. We had all kinds of excitement around here. We were ok but our neighbors had water in their homes, how much, I'm not sure. I wish I had gotten a picture of the garage of one of them.....the water mark was just below the window.  Greta, Ellen and I ventured out this morning to look around. 

This home is surrounded by water

That puddle was most likely a river last night.

That is usually a lawn.

To the right of the road is usually a meadow with a creek running down the middle.
The water was really rushing over the road.

I wanted to take more pictures but the battery needed charged =(

The pictures that I saw on the news today were incredible. Such devastation. And some loss of life too.

Dale helped Corey work through the night to pump water out of their basement.  Then it was taking things apart to dry them out and clean up. They are exhausted tonight. I thought we needed a comfort food so I  made a kettle of chicken corn soup. The guys made it to our house this evening for showers. Corey plans to return home again. Christy and the kids will sleep here.

All this rain and flooding would have been enough drama.
But there was more.
 Christy was starting to feel better...remember, she has mono. But on Tuesday night she started feeling sick and had a fever. She was in bed at home on Wednesday till the afternoon when Corey called to ask her to check the basement. Kim had been there with the kids. Christy opened the basement door and discovered the 5 ft. of water!

It gets more complicated.
Kim had a meeting at work at 3. Greta planned to take care of the children after her classes. Because....I started a very part time job that day....of all days!! (the job will be the subject for another post) Greta had a hard time finding a way to Christy's because of high water. She got there and decided that Christy and the kids needed to leave and come to our home. Corey called me to tell me that I was getting overnight guests! That was fine. Dale called me to let me know he was on the way home too. His boss had been getting calls from the school that his kids needed to be picked up. I had been calling home and Ellen wasn't answering. Was she even at home?? Sure enough....Ellen needed picked up too. No one was home to get the call. He picked her up then made his way to help pump water out of Corey's basement.

I finished at 6 and picked up some pizza. I was never so glad to be home.

Back to Chrsty being sick. She didn't feel any better this morning. We discussed what to do. We knew we couldn't make it to her Dr. She decided to try sleeping to see if she would feel better. After a few hours, that didn't help. She talked to her Dr., they decided she should see someone so we called an office near us that we could get to. Greta took her. She is now on an antibiotic for 2 infections. We hope this helps to speed up the process to good health!

And the crazy continues.....
We - Corey, Christy, Aidan, Zoe, Dale and I were planning a beach trip this week-end. Christy's brother is getting married on the beach on Saturday. Aidan and Zoe are in the wedding and Christy has a part too.
Could the sickness, the rain, the flooding of their home come at a worse time?

We are going to go. I am working 2 hours again in the morning. Corey brought dirty laundry over to wash so they have clean clothes. Somehow we will all arrive at our destination sometime tomorrow. They should be there by 5 but I doubt they will make it by then.

We will go.
We will have fun.
We will Trust the Lord
and not worry about home.
Yes. We. Will!



Wow, Doris. I am glad I read your post yesterday, so was praying for you today.

Your pictures say it all.


Anonymous said...

Keeping you all close in my heart and prayers.

Theresa said...

WOW, I am watching the flooding on TV and thinking about all of you! I pray that the water goes away and you all get back to normal!

Try to enjoy the beach trip and I pray that Christy gets ALL better soon!

Love you all, stay safe!