Monday, September 5, 2011

Cheering and a Party!

It's been a while since I posted. So much has been going on. I've kept children, drove kids to appointments, looked at houses, watched Ellen cheer, had a delicious strawberry ice at Rita's, ate with friends at church and attended a party.....yuppers, it's been busy!


Cheering practice before the game.
Attendance was low because of the
Holiday week-end .

Ellen with her good friends
Nicole and Elizabeth

Every time Ellen saw me with the camera,
she had to pose =)

Birthday Party
for our Paityn!

Paityn was 4 years old on August 28. Her party was on Sunday
(we were feeling the effects of a hurricane on her birthday!)
Scott's parents hosted the party.
Ellen wasn't able to attend because she was attending another party
for her friend Nicole!

Minnie Mouse Paityn!

Zoe finds something to play with.

Jess finds something funny!
She played a Dr. Seuss game with Aidan and Paityn

Andrew builds a tower while Aidan and Paityn watch

Getting ready for some Pin the Tail on the Donkey

Zoe gives it her best shot!

Opening gifts...
Another Dr. Seuss game!

A video game!

A Phillies Phanatic pillow pet!

Aidan says, What is it, Paityn?

A cute Minnie Mouse!

Zoe loves it too!

Aidan gives a two thumbs up....
Another gift!

A purple bathrobe from Nana and Pop Pop

What a cute Birthday Cake!

Oops, Paityn got her fingers in it!

Happy Birthday to you!

We did have a wonderful time. It seemed all too short till we had to leave to pick up Ellen. She was swimming in Nicole's pool. What fun she was having too. Our evening was spent at home, just relaxing.

Today is a holiday and I should be getting lots done. So far it's been 2 loads of laundry, washing the dishes and posting this blog post. Zoe is here too today. Christy is working and Corey needed to do some work at church on the sound system or something like that. Aidan went with him. Greta has off today....we are watching [and laughing!] the Shrek movies on TV. Such funny movies!!

Hope you are all enjoying your Holiday!


Theresa said...

Love it! Ellen is ONE precious young girl!!!! She sure enjoys herself at everything she does and smiles all along the way!

Paityn is adorable at her Birthday Party! She is precious with that Minnie Mouse outfit on! I love her sweet smile... cake looks yummy and her licking those fingers is priceless!

Enjoy your day my friend! I am sitting here at 2:45PM with my nightgown on and NO contacts in yet! Am I sorry or what? :-)


Anonymous said...

It's nice to see Ellen and her friends enjoying cheerleading. She does have a beautiful smile!
Little Paityn is precious and everyone looks like they had a great time. Wish I had a piece of that cake!
Hope this is the start of a good week for you and your family. Take care.

Musicaljean said...

Our weekend has been crazy busy too, and I'm hoping to finally have a chance to do a blog post this evening.

It's just great to see Ellen enjoying cheering. Paityn was a little doll in that dress. How well I remember the evening she was born. I guess that means that somewhere a little boy also turned four this week without any attention from his daddy. Sad, sad, sad.


There is always something fun going on at your house. I want to come live next door.