Monday, September 26, 2011

No Title

Couldn't think of a title so there isn't one!

Ellen had a wonderful time cheering on Saturday morning

Waiting for the game to start.

Water break

Half time show!

Sunday afternoon - David's Bridal again.  Greta was trying to decide between 2 dresses. Kim, Marcy, Christy and I all went to help her decide. We gave her our opinion and........she still does not have a dress. She thinks she will make an appointment somewhere else. There is a dress out there somewhere that has her name on it and meets all the dreams that play in her head! Yes, indeed, there is.

I thought this one was pretty.
But it's not The One.

Aidan is a big boy. He goes potty....I no longer need to remind him.......and he doesn't need my help unless he uses the bathroom with the higher toilet. Can you tell that I've raised mostly girls....sometimes I call his underwear panties. Believe me, he corrects me right away!!!

Yesterday we had lunch at Dale's Mother and sister's home. Marlin (brother) and Carol and their son LaVerne, their daughter Lynette and her husband John were down from Maine for the week-end. We had a wonderful lunch and a great time together!

Happy Monday to you!


Theresa said...

We could call this post "The Cheerleader and the Bride-to-be"! They are both gorgeous and I happen to love that dress too!

Have a blessed day dear Doris, HUGS!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Theresa! Ellen's pink outfit and the bridal dress are both gorgeous on these beauties! Wishing you a lovely week also.


I agree, Doris, this is a hard one to title.


Musicaljean said...

Too funny! I keep calling Austin's underwear "panties" too!! Destiny just corrected me this weekend! I don't know what my excuse is!