Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I felt it!

I was sitting at my favorite end of our reclining sofa, checking out some stuff on my little computer. Aidan and Zoe were in the next room playing, Ellen was in the computer room.

The sofa moved....felt like it was lifting up off the ground! My first thought was...

What the heck is under my sofa?!!!

(felt like an animal was under it and wanted to stand up)

Realized it must have been an earthquake. Asked Ellen if she felt anything....she didn't.

Now it's all over the news......It was an earthquake in VA. 

That was exciting  =))

* Just a note to those who commented about being ok......this was very mild here. We do feel the earth shake from time to time where we live. In fact, there was one during the winter at night that had a rumbling sound with it. This one just shook. Nothing damaged, just unsettles the nerves a bit!

I must tell you about an earthquake that happened on an Easter Sunday evening many years ago. The church we were going to at the time was in charge of the Sunday evening service at my Dad's church. Our pastor was giving the message about Jesus rising from the dead......and the church shook! Everyone just sorta sat there, the pastor stopped preaching for a while till we all realized what happened! Talk about a live presentation!!


From the Kitchen said...

Just read it was 120 miles north east of my hometown, Roanoke. I always get news updates via e-mail from the Roanoke Times and, honestly, thought this one was a joke at first. Glad you're o.k..


Maple Lane said...

Wow! Only once in my life have I felt/heard an earthquake here where I am. It was not like anything I had ever experienced! Glad you all are ok!
M. Lane

Theresa said...

Wow, glad you are ok!!!!! Hope there wasn't anyone hurt or damage! Hugs

Musicaljean said...

We didn't feel a thing, although others around here did. I think I was at Giant at the time.

I so remember that Easter earthquake. We had Dick's family at our house in East Petersburg that evening. It was really scary.