Thursday, August 25, 2011

Last week of Summer

The last week of summer is going fast.....way too fast.

Ellen starts back to school on Monday. Her Life Skills classroom is located at our High School this year. The last time she was in our school district was in 4th grade. On Tuesday evening we were able to go to the High School to see her classroom and meet her teacher. I am proud of MC.....they gave this class a very nice room with a very nice bathroom and a computer lab room attached. (her middle school room in another district was an old industrial arts space that got divided into 2 classrooms after the year started. What was to be a lot of space ended up being small and you could hear some noises from the other classroom too....not ideal at all) Her teacher is younger and has been teaching LS. I think Ellen will like her. The helper teacher said she would be at the front of the school to help the kids to the classroom the first day. Ellen will be ok.....although  she said she is nervous.

Yesterday Ellen and I got our hair cut. I feel like I got a mop removed from my head. It was feeling unruly! Ellen went a little shorter with long side bangs. When we were leaving, Ellen noticed some cute head bands Jess was selling. They had flowers on them made out of decorative Duct Tape! I bought her one. Sooooo cute!

The head band is covered with a black and white print and the flower is white.
She chose this one so she can wear it with anything.

After our hair appointment we went to Macaroni Grill for lunch. Ellen had never been there but loves Italian food so I knew she would find something she liked. She loved seeing the open kitchen. She ordered Spaghetti with bolognese sauce, I had a salad with pickled onions, walnuts, french fried onions and other things on it that I can't remember now....with a ranch and blue cheese dressing. It was so good!

After lunch we headed to the mall to get her glasses adjusted. Then it was to the Health Campus just down the street to the Eye Doctor. Ellen had her yearly eye check up. Dr. Klombers has been her eye Dr. since Ellen was a toddler. He is awesome. He thought Ellen has really grown up since he saw her last year. He continues to be so pleased with her eye alignment....he did surgery on her eyes twice.

Then it was back to the mall to hunt for a few clothing items for school. We found a cute pair of longer plaid shorts and a skort. Both on clearance....nice. She tried some tee shirts but none were a good fit.

Today is a day to do some things at home. Christy's parents are keeping Aidan and Zoe again today. We already had a small thunderstorm this morning. A good day to stay home.

We hope to take Ellen and a friend to the Etown fair on Saturday for her birthday.....that is if the hurricane doesn't bring rain in our neck of the woods! Ellen went there on her birthday last year and really wants to go again. I will have to think of a plan B just in case!

How can summer be coming to an end already? I went to the grocery store last evening. The summer flowers that were being sold on the porch are now replaced with pots of colorful mums. Bags of cinnamon scented pine cones are in the I ready for fall? NO! Summer went too fast. But, I can't stop it from happening so I may as well embrace it =)

Oh dear....I just realized that Sunday is the last Sunday of the month.....I need to write the September newsletter for our Women! Didn't I just do the August one???? Yeah, I know. Time flies when you......

Off for some fun! Have a good one!


From the Kitchen said...

I miss those getting ready for back to school days! Ellen looks adorable with her haircut and headband. Who would think duct tape could be so attractive! I hope she has a great school year.


Theresa said...

Oh wow, Ellen is so pretty... Love the headband! The Summer went by really fast and the kids are several weeks into school! Time flies by way too fast in some ways and slow in others:)

Hope you have a wonderful last week before school starts! HUGS!

Musicaljean said...

Summer definitely has to be the shortest season of the year!

I was just finally liking my hair, and now it's starting to feel shaggy. But I'm so afraid to get it cut, lest they take it all off again. I miss Jay!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ellen is darling with her new hairstyle and I love her glasses. The headband is so unique and very cute! I hope she has a fabulous birthday. (my bdy is Sat. also!)

I am very happy that you like the room they have prepared at high school and glad you were impressed with the teacher. I hope Ellen will have a great school year.

Don't you love to go school shopping and out to lunch with her. It sounds like fun and glad you found some bargains too.

Hope you have a restful night and a great weekend.

Mrs. M. Lane


It sounds like Ellen will have a wonderful school year.