Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Beach Vacation - Part 3

We celebrated a Birthday!

Grandson Andrew turned the Big 16 on the 10Th!

Lighting 16 candles!

Blow out those candles
then Let's Eat!
(even though we just stuffed ourselves at Bethany Blues!)

 All too soon it was time to pack up and go Home =/

Packing up all our things from the frig and cupboards.
Kim says, who does this belong too?
We had the biggest cooler so I have lots of yummy left overs in my frig at home!

Scott checks the stuff on top of the car
while Marcy waits to get in.
It was a cloudy, drizzly day.
That made it easier to leave the beach!

Corey and Christy decided to drive to Baltimore to the Aquarium
instead of going straight home.

Greta and Lyn waiting to leave.

We stopped at Grotto's Pizza (in Dewey)  - a tradition!

Lynn shows Paityn a game on his phone.


and waiting......

and waiting!

Yes! Pizza!
We ordered 5 -
cheese, meat lovers, margarita, buffalo chicken, and another one
that I can't recall the name of.....it was yummy and had lots and lots of cheese on it =)
Grotto's Pizza is soooooo good!

We had a few 'oh no' or 'oh, OK' stuff.....
  • Just before we left, Joe's Grandmother was admitted to the hospital. Gina and Joe were planning to ride along with us to Bethany Beach. Because of the uncertainty of his Grandmother's well being, he decided to drive just in case he was needed back in PA during the week. (Thank God she is doing well)
  • We were on our way to the beach when I got a call. Kim was at Corey and Christy's house loading up her van with their stuff. They planned to travel together. Corey noticed a leak from Kim's van! So they were unloading Corey and Christy's stuff into their car (all that would fit) and Kim was going to go home to get her Hubby's pick up truck! I could not imagine Kim driving that big truck all the way to DE. So I suggested they go to our house to get my car. Which they did. She had to go get the spare keys out of a dresser drawer in our bedroom. Christy drove my car to Kim's house where they unloaded Kim and Andrew's stuff from the van into my car! And THEN they were finally on their way to the beach!! (Kim said she was ready for a stong drink when she arrived!!) hehe
  • Christy got sick at the beach =(  She spent all day Wednesday and most of Thursday in bed. She is still not OK. Went to the Dr yesterday and we hope and pray for good health very soon!
  • I lost my glasses! My Modern Eyes glasses! The ones with the bifocals that I wear with my contacts. We looked EVERYWHERE for them. I think they are probably lying on the beach in DE. How could I have been so careless.....I now am wearing an old pair of readers to read. Hate it......
In spite of it all, we had a wonderful time. I do love my kids so much, the people they have chosen for their life partners and the grandchildren they have blessed us with! I am greatly blessed!

Just a note to those who are wondering what Pudding Pizza is. I will post the recipe soon. And I will let you all know how the wedding dress hunt is going. Maybe I will post a picture, but you will not see THE ONE till the day she says 'I DO'!

The weather in PA is wonderful. We had rain while we were gone, in fact a lot of rain the day we came home too. Everything is so green again!

Andrew started HS football practice yesterday and his picture was on the front page of the newspaper today! You go, Andrew! Can't wait to see you play =) ..... even though this Nana doesn't understand the game! At all!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!


Musicaljean said...

Dick lost his expensive bifocals too this summer - case and all!! We have absolutely no clue where. Unbelievable!

I hope Christy soon feels better. Sometimes I still wonder if I'm completely okay.

What craziness about the vehicles!! It's good to be flexible!

The waiting and waiting pictures are funny!

Theresa said...

What a fun vacation! Sounds SO much like my own:) The last morning we are there, seperating out the pantry foods and stuff from the fridge! We shop when we get there and split the cost!

Oh my goodness, the glasses:( Can you replace them with the same prescription? I hope so! I have bifocals that I wear when I take my contacts out at night! It is amazing how we can misplace important things and SOMETIMES they show back up... we'll pray that you find them!

I hope the sick ones feel better! I love my family too:) We are truly blessed, aren't we?