Monday, August 15, 2011

Beach Vacation - Part 2

We had fun!

Fun at the House

Saturday evening, the day we arrived....
the guys brought out the love seat from the living room
to give us more seating.
Scott decided to sit on it too
between Lynn and Andrew!

A little crowded, you think??

Now you're in trouble, Scott!

Gina and Joe get a good laugh from their antics!

Christy and Kim relaxing.

Fun at the Beach

Beach Babe Zoe...
she loves the sand!

Zoe has some fun with Mommy

Dads and children build in the sand together.
Corey, Aidan, Scott, Paityn

Gina and Joe relax in their nice chairs!

Dale goes out to jump some waves.
Ellen watches.
The water felt cold at first but it didn't take long for it to feel so good!
We had some 95 degree days......
being by or in the water was great!

Fun at the Boardwalk

 Tuesday evening activity was the boardwalk at Ocean City, MD
Sand Sculpture

They were so neat.

Of course, we had ice cream!

Marcy and Scott

Greta and Lynn

Aidan and Paityn loved this ride!
They laughed every time it whipped them around the curves!

Zoe hams it up with Pop Pop =)

Andrew poses with the pirate.
He was trying to get Aidan to pose with him
but Aidan was not having any part of it!

One more picture before we head back to the house!

The washing and folding and putting things away continues! Later today I will be going with Greta to David's Bridal to begin the wedding dress search. Ah, sweet .....but a bit of a heart pull for this Mom too.

Have a wonderful Monday!


Theresa said...

Three on a loveseat WAS a little crowded:) I sure enjoyed seeing all of the pictures from your vacation! So much fun, so many smiles and lots of beautiful faces!

Those sand sculptures are AWESOME! Have a blessed day dear Doris! There is so much work to get everything ready to go and LOTS of work when you get home! HUGS!

Barb said...

Loved the pictures Doris. So happy for you to be able to vacation with your entire family!

Anonymous said...

The beach pictures look so nice! The house looks like a perfect place for lots of fun and fellowship. Little Zoe in her swimsuit and hat is my favorite! I hope you'll share with us about the wedding dress search - lots of excitement. Have a restful evening, Doris. XMildred