Sunday, August 14, 2011

Beach Vacation - Part 1

Beach Vacation 2011 is now a memory, a wonderful memory.

I will begin this post with pictures of the house while I eat a few pieces of salt water taffy from Candy Kitchen =)

This year we stayed at a home in Bear Trap Dunes, a golf community near Bethany Beach, DE. The house worked out great for us.

Open spaces work for our large bunch!

Scott had his Xbox 360 hooked up to this TV.
That provided some fun evenings!

This large bedroom above the garage was sleeping quarters for
Ellen, Hubs and me.
It included a small full bath.

Hallway to the front door.
Small open dining room to the left and
small living room to the right.
A Wii was hooked up to a TV in this room.....
we have lots of game people in this fam!
Also to the left through double doors was a play room
that Lynn and Andrew used as a bedroom....
we moved out the toys  =)
A half bath is just inside the front door.

Ahhh, a screened in porch and deck
overlook the golf course.
Was really nice out there!

Paityn eats her breakfast.
This shot also shows the wonderful kitchen.
Loved the large island for serving meals.
The owners of this home know what is needed for large groups.
We were not in need of cooking items, serving dishes or
plates, cups or silverware.

The weather was wonderful all week. It rained once or twice during the night but never during the day. Tuesday started out cloudy but ended up sunny and hot....but who cares if it's hot.....we were at the beach!

We took turns making our evening meals. Kim -  grilled chicken, sausages and veggies, Marcy - spaghetti, salad and garlic bread, Christy - white chicken chili and meatball sandwiches, Joe - chicken Alfredo and broccoli, me - beef BBQ and left over pulled chicken from the Witmer gathering, baked corn and pudding pizza. I had to do pudding pizza......several weeks ago I found out that my kids were wondering why it was so long since I last made it!!

More pictures to come!

It was wonderful to worship the Lord with our church family this morning. We ate lunch with Marcy, Scott, Paityn ,Greta and Lynn. Now we are relaxing at home....I should continue doing laundry but tomorrow is another day, correct?!! It will all get done and back in place eventually!



Looks so fantastic. Hope you have a smooth transition home.


Anonymous said...

Only in magazines or movies have I seen this part of our country or a beach house like this one. What a lovely place to gather for family fun at the beach. I loved seeing your pictures. Hope you have a nice week and don't worry; the laundry will wait! Mildred

Musicaljean said...

What a great house! And so wonderful that everyone shares in the cooking. I'll be watching for more!

Joanne said...

sounds and looks like you had a bunch of fun. its always a nice time at the beach. glad you you were able to enjoy it. but yes now reality, oh wish reality could stay away longer. thats always what I think.

Lorraine said...

Looks like a wonderful place and a wonderful family vacation. But what is pudding pizza?

Theresa said...

Family vacations are so wonderful! Looks like you all had a great place to stay, lots of great food to eat and loads of games and fun for all!

We have another family vacation coming up in October with my out-of-town grandbabies and the parents! Can't wait!

Enjoy your evening and the week ahead! HUGS!