Monday, July 18, 2011

It's Monday Morning

.....and I am dragging. I didn't have much of a night on Saturday. Slept fine last night but it's been a busy day already. I took Ellen  to camp then picked up Aidan and Zoe at the mall. Aidan was not happy to leave his Mommy. He cried, even screamed a bit but I told him that was enough and he stopped. He said, I miss Mommy! Oh, dear. I tried to comfort him as I drove. He then said he didn't want to come to my house. I just left him say it for a short time, then I told him that was also enough and he stopped. Zoe started crying before we got home too. I think she needed her Nuk and couldn't find it. I hurried as much as I felt it was safe with my precious cargo! We made it here all in one piece....even Nana's nerves survived =)

I fed the kids and dressed them....Mommy had to wake them this morning. Now Zoe is down for a nap and Aidan is watching a Veggie Tales video and singing with it!

Let us back up to Saturday night. My sister Jean was flying from Florida where she had visited her daughter and family for the week, to Harrisburg. She lives in State College but instead of driving home right away she wanted to stay in Lancaster Co. for the night so she could pick up a granddaughter in Reading the next day. Long story short....Jean spent the night at our sister Mary Ellen's home. She didn't get to Harrisburg Airport till almost 9p. I had such a desire for some sister time too, so I went to Mary Ellen's home around 9:30! We had a wonderful time talking, laughing, eating....I stayed till shortly after midnight!

It looks like a whole lot of food, doesn't it!
It wasn't...just crackers and cheese, humus, nut mix and tea.
We were all a bit tired; Jean from her flight, Mary Ellen had just finished cleaning and
I had been cleaning, doing laundry, grocery shopping and preparing food for the next day.

Jean checks her phone as Mary Ellen takes a sip of tea.

Somehow I got up Sunday morning to put food in the crock pot and fold a load of laundry before getting ready for church. After church the family started gathering here for lunch. We watched the World Cup Women's Soccer game. We cheered the USA team but they didn't win. Oh well, it was fun anyway! Later in the evening some us went outside. It was way too hot to be outdoors prior to that. Enjoy some pictures....

Zoe doing the crabby crawl  =)

Paityn decides to join her!

Zoe can stand without holding on to anything....
can even wiggle and dance....
but will not take a step!

This young man is on a mission!
He has no time to stop and pose for a picture, for pete's sake!

Time for some sliding fun!

Some flowers........

Zoe inhales her milk while her Daddy (Corey) watches!

Mommy Marcy gets a neck rub from her hubby, Scott.
It was a good day.

Now, to pick up some energy for a productive day's here somewhere!
Better keep looking for it before the day is finished =)



Hope you get a few moments of rest, Doris. How sweet that you fit in some sister time.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful that you were able to share time with your sisters. Seems like you have really been running lately. Hope you get some well deserved rest one evening soon. Thanks for sharing the great pics of family and flowers!

Musicaljean said...

No rest this week, that's for sure! More sister time a-coming!! Maybe we'll rest after that sometime....

Theresa said...

WOW, busy lady! I hope you had a restful day and got lots done too:) It is possible to rest and get stuff done, right? I feel that way sometimes when I don't have places to be and people to see, I can get stuff done around the house and yet feel rested! That is what tomorrow is gonna be like for me:) I hope!

Hope you enjoyed your day! I had guests today and I am behind on blogging:) HUGS!

Granny said...

I followed your link from your comment on another blog. I love looking at your pictures of your family and those adorable grandchildren! I'm sure you will have a very busy week ahead of you, but so worth every bit of it. Hope you can visit my blog sometime at Have a blessed week!