Saturday, July 16, 2011

Random Thoughts at Weeks End

  • One of our neighbors is selling their property. I just read an open house notice on the Internet and looked at the pictures. It makes me so sad to have them move away. Seems like it was just yesterday, they were the young couple with a baby boy that were our new neighbors. They had 3 more children, all girls. Their daughters were near the age of our twins and their son enjoyed hanging out with our son. Now they are all grown up and the parents what a smaller home. Dear Lord, please guide a family just as nice as our neighbors to this property!
  • I made a frozen fruit salad for our lunch tomorrow. I have not made it for a long time. Uses fresh peaches. SO good!
  • I found a crock pot recipe for chicken tacos which I will also make for Sunday lunch. Not everyone will like those so I will be prepared with a crock pot of meatballs in sauce for sandwiches......and a caesar salad. Didn't bake anything.....this Mama is tired!!
  • Hubs finished staining the deck railing today. Looks so nice!
  • Greta continues to improve, I think. Poor girl....she got sick today. I think it may be the pain med. She isn't eating enough. It's really hard to eat when both sides of your mouth hurts and the front too!
  • Isn't it neat when you read a passage in the Bible that you have read many times, but suddenly it just means the world to you today! Happened to me this morning. God is SO good!
  • My littles were on vacation this week till yesterday. Oh.My.Word. I missed them so much! Zoe's hugs were just precious and hearing Aidan talk about what he did.....I couldn't get enough! Zoe was so excited when her Pop Pop came home! She certainly is crazy about him =)
  • My sister Betty and her Hubby and 2 children will stay with us next Sunday night after the big Witmer Retreat. Yeah!! They are from New Hampshire.
  • Did I mention the Big Witmer Retreat?? It will be big this year....more than 60 people! We have family from all over the US who are coming for the week-end. Yesterday I started a huge batch of pulled chicken for sandwiches. My kids help me with the Saturday evening meal. We are planning to have: chicken sandwiches, corn on the cob, lettuce salad, cake (choc, apple, carrot) and ice cream. I cannot wait to be with my family again! We really do have such a wonderful time when we are together. Will miss my Daddy! Last year was the first time without him at this retreat. * I will take lots of pictures!
  • Greta is planning to soon go dress shopping for her wedding......oh, I love this! It makes me cry like a blubbering fool but I still love it!
  • Tonight I took my salad out to the deck to eat it. Hubs was outside too, ate his pizza on the swing. (I wished to use the table) I looked up to the sky and immediately remembered a grade school project. Blue construction paper and cotton balls! The sky was filled with dots of white wispy clouds. Don't remember what kind of clouds they are but I do remember that project!
  • The house is quiet tonight.....except for Ellen's giggling. What she is finding so funny, I do not know. But it certainly is tickling her funny bone!
Well, that is about enough random for tonight. Tomorrow we will worship the Lord with our wonderful church family. Then it's lunch with our kids and grands at the homestead. It will be a wonderful Lord's Day!

Blessings to all!


Theresa said...

What a sweet post! It made me smile! I love that you all get together on Sundays:) Great tradition to pass down thru the generations!

I sure hope Greta feels better and better! Pain medicine does that to me too!

Have a blessed evening dear Doris! BIG HUGS!

From the Kitchen said...

Sounds like a lot of happy thoughts to end the week. Hope you have a lovely reunion!



Doris, How did you ever have time to work? Enjoy your family reunion.


Barb said...

So many good things in your life! Enjoy your day tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Hi Doris, I enjoyed this post so much. I remember those school projects with cotton ball clouds; have not thought about that in ages! That must be music to your ears to hear Ellen giggling so! The family reunion sounds like a good time and oh, I bet the food is marvelous! Blessings to you and your family today and through the week.