Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hot Days, Busy Days

It is hot, hot, hot in PA! 100 and humid today and tomorrow. Hubby brought home some free air conditioners on Tuesday. He put one in the kitchen.....what a difference that makes! Yesterday I made more pulled chicken for the family reunion this week-end. Also baked chocolate cup cakes and an apple cake. Was so thankful for that air conditioner!

After I take Ellen to camp this morning, I want to do some cleaning. We have an air conditioner in our bedroom and Greta has one in hers. The rest of the upstairs rooms are just plain hot.....I at least want to sweep the floors, if nothing more. It will be a challenge. Maybe I will put on my bathing suit while I work =)

This evening we have a picnic to attend. Aaron's Acres (Ellen's camp) is having a BBQ for the parents and family of the campers. Ellen will be part of a dance recital that the afternoon group has been working on. It will be wonderful....even if it is hot. It's over by 7:30, so we should be OK. Maybe we will need to make a stop at Twin Kiss on our way home for some ice cream!

Tomorrow I will do the laundry and pack for our week-end. I am so excited to be with family, many I have not seen in a long time. In fact, we will see 3 babies for the first time!

Hot days, Busy days......must be July!


Anonymous said...

You'll have to share photos of Ellen's dance recital. I definitely think an ice cream on the ride home is a great idea!

Glad you had the a/c for all the cooking you did. How grand to be able to "meet" 3 new babies at the upcoming family reunion.

Don't work too hard!

Theresa said...

Sounds like lots of fun... except for the heat and cleaning:) hehe Hope you all enjoy the recital and picnic, I know it will be fun! The heat has been terrible down here too but at least we all have air conditioning! Enjoy your day dear Doris, HUGS!

Musicaljean said...

Thank God we have an air-conditioned facility to hold the reunion in. It had better not decide to konk out this weekend. What a horrible thought. Forgive me, Lord.