Friday, July 22, 2011

Aaron's Acres Picnic

I had a burger that was grilled on a charcoal fire...yum! It was so hot but we ate outside under the trees anyway. These guys grilled a bunch of hamburgers and hot dogs....

There were about 200 people in attendance.......

Ellen relaxes while waiting to get our food.

After the meal, the kids in the afternoon dance sessions put on a  show.
Waiting for the music to start.


The younger kids did the rhythm with instruments
while the older kids performed.

Ellen said she was a Lion in this dance!

One of the dances ended with all the kids on the ground!

This is Diane, Ellen's camp buddy.
She is a wonderful young lady.
Diane is making comments about Ellen
 and is ready to present her award.

This picture got fuzzy but I'm including it anyway....
Certainly a bond was formed between these two =)

Ellen with her award.

Aaron's Acres camp has been a wonderful experience. Ellen was so nervous 2 weeks ago before it started. I think that lasted about 10 minutes! She loved it. Today is the last day. She wishes she could go for the next two weeks!

Now I need to move....I have much to prepare for the big Witmer week-end! Can't wait to spend time with my sisters, brother and many of the next generations too. We have family attending from California, Idaho, Michigan, Georgia, Washington DC, New Hampshire, and Egypt! There are a few of us that still live in PA and will be there too.

Wishing you a great week-end!


Theresa said...

Oh how fun, Ellen's smile shows that! Sounds like you all had a huge picnic and loads of fun and fellowship! Have a marvelous DAY and weekend, wonderful time with family... NUTTIN better:)


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy that Ellen had a great time. These are wonderful photos. Have a great time with family this weekend.


So glad that Ellen had a great camp experience.

Love, love your new header.