Monday, July 25, 2011

Wonderful Witmer Togetherness!

A wonderful, wonderful time! Enjoy some pictures....

Cute Babies....

Brooklyn, Granddaughter of sister Barb from Idaho

You know who this is
Our Zoe, of course!

Twin Noah Peifer
Grandson of sister Janet (deceased)
from California

Twin Reid with his Daddy Scott

Also some cute kids......

Jarrett with his Nana (sister Barb from Idaho)

Olivia, daughter of sister Rose
Destiny, granddaughter of sister Jean

Destiny, Laith (grandson of brother Dick), Isaiah (son of sister Betty), Timothy (grandson of brother Dick)


Children of the cousins!

Witmer sibs....
Front - Barb (Idaho), Dick (PA), Rose (Georgia)
Back - Betty (New Hampshire), me, Jean (PA), Mary Ellen (PA)

We ate together.......

Kim helping Ellen (my oldest and my youngest)
Hubs in this pic too.

Some of the gang!
Great dining space!

Ding in!

We enjoyed.....

Sister Chats

Old photos

Mathew, son of sister Rose
Scott, husband of sister Betty

Anthony, son of sister Jean, joins them


My crazy bunch!!

That's better =)
 Gina (our daughter) and Joe (her fiance)
Manny (Kim's hubby) and Laurencia  (daughter) 
Cool Zoe!

My handsome Grandson Andrew

I need to end here for today. I have a few pictures of Betty and her family before they left our home this morning. It was a delight to have them stay here. Aidan and Zoe came this morning too.  Betty's kids were happy to spend time with them too. Will post those pics another time.

So many great memories!


Anonymous said...

Doris, These are great photos! It's nice to see your extended family. The food looks delicious and the music looks like great fun! Thanks for sharing with us!

Theresa said...

Nothing better than spending time with LOADS of family:) I am thankful to have a huge family, our BIG reunion is in September! Loved seeing all of those sweet little ones, your sweet siblings from all over and your own precious family! Looks like everyone really enjoyed themselves! Thanks for sharing your family with me! HUGS!