Friday, June 24, 2011

To Timbuktu and Beyond - almost ;o)

I have been on the road a lot yesterday and today. I'm not one who loves to drive....did you know that about me? I never did enjoy driving. I do like my little Buick, though, so it could be worse!

Well, I wasn't to Timbuktu. I'm sure you knew that =)

 Ellen had two appointments this week. One was in York to see Dr. B. I always count on 45 min. to an hour to get there. Got behind a s.l.o.w truck on the way to Rt. 30. Took all of 45 min. this time. After the appointment, Ellen was starving (!) so we headed to the York Galleria Mall. She got some food at Mc D's. I wasn't hungry but couldn't turn down a sugar free vanilla Iced Coffee! We also looked for another swimsuit for Ellen....found one at Sears.

This morning it was to Hershey for an appointment to pick up the night splints Lawall Orthotics had made for her. She will wear them at night to help stretch muscles in the back of her ankles/legs. Ellen slept late this morning and didn't eat before we left. Yes, she was starving again! I knew there were some fast food places near Hershey Park at the Outlets so we headed in that direction. Sure enough, there was a Wendy's. I was sorta hungry this time so I had a half salad (isn't it nice to have that choice)....the new berry one. It had strawberries and blueberries in it. Was sooooo good! We sat at a table where Ellen could see one of the roller coasters as she ate. She loved that!

We drove around the outlet center after eating but didn't stop at any stores. Ellen was concerned about the darkening skies and wanted to get home. She does not like storms. We did drive in very heavy rain on the way home. She asked me if I could see the road. I assured her that I could. As soon as we got close to the mountain that separates Lebanon and Lancaster Counties, the rain slowed and was sunny in Lancaster Co! I don't think we got any rain at home!

Now Zoe and Aidan are here. Before they came, I went to the store to buy some milk and decided to make a stop at the hardware store too. I had promised Aidan that we would get some little chairs to put on the front porch. I had bought 2 lavender plastic Adirondack (adult) chairs earlier this spring.....thought little chairs would be nice for our Littles,  too. It was a good thing I made the effort today...they only had 5 left! I got an orange one and a lime green one. Aidan is thrilled. He had a snack outside then played with chalk and ran on the walks while Zoe sat in one chair then wrote with chalk too. We also had to blow some bubbles too, of course.

 Aidan is now resting....maybe will sleep?? Zoe is laying beside me on the sofa. Not sure if she is sleepy enough to sleep yet. We will see. I have the Gaithers on INSP....she just loves to hear them! On the way to the ball game the other evening, she was fussing and fussing. Christy said " You don't by any chance have a Gaither CD with you, do you" !! No, unfortunately, I don't even own one....I guess we should, just for such an occasion!

Have a great day, my friends!


marcy said...

Wow! That is a lot of driving in two days. I had the berry salad at Wendy's too this week and it is very delicious.

Anonymous said...

I don't like to drive either but I have always been a driver! First for my mom who was blind and now for John who has narcolepsy.
I'm with Ellen, I don't like storms either. We have had two very bad thunderstorms this week.
I haven't tried Wendy's salads yet - but it sounds good. I love their Frosty! I also love the Gaithers and I enjoyed pianist Anthony Burger. Those little Adirondack chairs sound very cute. Hope each of you has a nice, enjoyable weekend.

Theresa said...

What a fun time to spend with your sweet daughter! I love those special times together! It sounds like your weather has been a little bit like ours! I hear the thunder right now! Fortunately we are in for the evening and don't have to get out in it!

Enjoy your evening dear Doris, BIG HUGS!

Musicaljean said...

That is the cutest thing that she likes the Gaithers!


I do not enjoy driving either. I would always rather someone else drive.

I have two yellow plastic adirondacks. They cheer me.

Happy summer, Doris.