Monday, June 27, 2011

Last Baseball Game

Challenger Baseball is now over for the year. Sad! It all went by so fast! Ellen asked when cheering starts....she was hoping it was soon but it's not till September.

Our Sunday was as, back home for lunch then to the baseball game.

Getting ready for a hit.
She had 3 good ones in this game!

At 3rd ....
waiting to run home.

Corey, Aidan and Zoe watch the game.

Oh, are just toooo cute!

Aidan was being shy.

Sweet dreams, Zoe

After the game, it was time for awards.
Ellen got the the 'Most Coach-shy' award!!
For some reason she is shy around the Coach......
even though he is her friend Elizabeth's' Dad!

Lance got the Coach in the face with a whipped cream pie!
He was loving it!
Coach was too =)

Lances' parents own 2 Rita's shops.
They treated the team and families with some Mango ice...
Yum, Yum!!

I didn't get a picture of Paityn (or Scott or Lynn, for that matter. Marcy stayed at our house to rest and Christy had to work) at the game. She made friends with the little sister of one of Ellen's team mates. Paityn likes to be friendly! Of course, the kids needed a little time to play on the play equipment too during the game. It was a warm day, but not humid which was so nice. After the game, it was back to the homestead for more food and fun. Kim and Andrew had arrived while we were gone. Later Hubs grilled some hot dogs and I warmed up some beef BBQ. We had some Ice Cream too. While the adults watched a funny movie on TV, the Littles found some fun....

Three little Artists

They were having a blast!

Now it's Monday. Aidan and Zoe are here. I hope Aidan is soon ready for a nap. Zoe already had one so she may not be tired again for awhile. I will make some chicken for dinner. The rest of the meal is a mystery....even to the cook at this point!!


Anonymous said...

Good Evening Doris! You always have the cutest photos on your posts. Hope you are having a restful night. Take care.

Doris said...

Thanks, Mildred! I often wonder if my readers get tired of seeing pictures of my little ones!

Our evening is good....maybe not so restful, though. Aidan and Zoe are staying here this evening. Their parents have a young adults meeting at church. It will be ok.

Musicaljean said...

I honestly was intending to write, "I never tire of pictures of those adorable grandchildren," even before I saw your above comment. So there's your answer!


A summer classic.


Theresa said...

It is always sad when the ballgames end! We love them too:) Those little ones are sooooo precious! I LOVE that picture of Zoe! Too cute!

Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS!