Thursday, June 30, 2011

Our Zoe took some steps!

Zoe is a very laid back child. She is very content to just be. She is a happy, delightful child! So that meant she didn't bother to roll over, sit up, crawl as early as some babies.

 And that is all OK with us.

She turned a year old in February and started crawling about a month after that. She now crawls at lightning speed!

She pulls herself up and furniture walks.

She will reach for our hands to walk, even will walk holding one hand although she feels unsure about that.

We have been encouraging her to take steps unassisted. But she just sinks to the floor like a boulder was placed on her head! Or she would stand there and fuss like we were asking her to walk on water!

Last evening she took her first steps! Daddy was here to witness it but not Mommy. (Mommy was at sorry, Mommy!) And I didn't get any pictures =(  She really wasn't all that thrilled but she did it! She stood unassisted for awhile then took 2 steps towards me.......then realized that Greta was not touching her and left out a squeal! She did a step or 2 later again. She also popped up many times from the floor without holding on to anything. I do believe that walking will  be her preferred mode of travel in the very near future!

Oh boy! Nana will be in trouble....she already is a climber. Guess I will need to put up a baby gate again to help contain my toddler!

Loving it!


Theresa said...

Yes Ma'am, once they start walking... you will be chasing her everywhere:) HUGS!

From the Kitchen said...

My older son walked at nine months. Yikes! Our younger son walked at sixteen months and I was not unhappy about it at all. Zoe is adorable as well as her curly-haired "assistant".


Anonymous said...

She is such a beautiful child. You have your work cut out for you, I'm afraid!

Musicaljean said...

Give her a hula hoop to hold on to. That's what gave Austin the courage to try it alone!