Saturday, July 2, 2011

Our Happy 4th has begun!

Free....I like that word!
Parade......Ellen loves that word!!

There was a parade in a town close to us, Lititz,  and we decided to go. Ellen was soooooo excited all day! She watched it for many years on TV. Our cable company is always there and shows it live.

 Hubs hurried home from work, we loaded up our chairs and some snacks and we were off. We found a spot along Broad Street in the shade and waited for the parade to start.

 (Pics taken with my phone because I left my camera at home where it was charging. What good is a charged battery if you forget the camera!)

Is that a happy face, or what?!!

The parade included.....

Boy Scout Troops


Cute kids
and proud parents

Fire Engines, old and new

Music =)


Hand outs....
we came home with LOADS of candy!

Ellen says, I'm loving this!

Old cars

After the parade, we walked to Lititz Springs Park to hear the 50's Band, Flamin Dick and the Hot Rods. Again, Ellen has watched the show on TV for years and loved dancing to their music. How neat to be there to hear them live! I love 50's music too. We found a spot just behind the paved area to place our chairs.

Our view

There were too many people behind us for the first set so Ellen didn't do much dancing. During the break we bought some soft pretzels that were yummy, even tho we spent $10 for 3 of them. I heard a comment from a passerby who said, "$3.50 for a hunk of dough"! Yeah, but they were good =) 

Many people left before the second half of the show. Ellen had room to dance. And dance she did! 

She was having a great time!

What a neat way to start a fun Holiday! We will park our car along a hillside and sit in a field to watch the Lititz fire works tonight. Ellen enjoys them more from a distance. 

There is also a church picnic and another picnic, patriotic concert and another fire works show in store for us before this Holiday passes.

Love this Holiday!

Happy Fourth of July!


Musicaljean said...

I miss Lititz!!! Actually, Bellefonte is a lot like Lititz. I can't believe we'll be missing Longs Park this year. Dick works till 6. Guess we could make it just in time for the fireworks, haha! But he works at 8 AM Monday morning, so I guess not. You guys should come up here Monday for Anthony's show at 2:00. Ellen could dance to their music!

Musicaljean said...

I just remembered what we were doing a year ago - having a packing Marathon at our Lititz house!

Joanne said...

Litiz puts on a great july 4th. saw the parade and flamin dick and the hot rods many times. Unfortunley have not done that for a few years. Ellen looks so happy and glad that she got to enjoy it in person this time. Have fun at the fireworks.

Theresa said...

Oh what a fun time had by all and more fun coming) Ellen is all smiles and enjoying herself! Hope you all have a wonderful 4th, we will be hanging by the pool! It is sooooo hot here in the South!

Enjoy your evening! Hugs!