Thursday, June 23, 2011

Family Fun at a Ball Game

Christy (my DIL) had some free tickets, which she got at work, for a Reading Phillies game. It used to be that if you wanted to go to a minor league game, this is where you went. We now have leagues in Lancaster, York and Harrisburg. Maybe that's why the Stadium wasn't full last night. The park is old....which was kinda neat. Anyway, we had a great time!

Hubs chauffeured us (Corey, Christy, Aidan, Zoe, Ellen and me) in his van. Even though this was a first for us at this park, it was really easy to find. Enjoy some pictures....

Aidan is ready for the game -
Glove, sunglasses and the ticket,
of course!

Ellen is excited for the game too!

Our little short stop =)

Zoe says......
Don't forget about me....
I'm ready for some fun too!

What's this?
Oh, Nana has an umbrella...always prepared.
(thank God it wasn't needed!)

Zoe wasn't so sure about this guy at first.
But she made up to him and even
gave him a kiss!
Can you even imagine how hot it must have been in that dog suit???

It was a very humid evening.
I thought I was going to melt into a puddle of fat....hehe.
Ice Cream to the rescue!
Looks like that hits the spot on a hot night!
(I had some water....worked for me)

Hubs and Ellen share some ice cream too!

Don't I always notice a pretty sky??

Night Time at the Ball Park...
Summertime at it's best!

Aidan got a balloon hat made for him.
He loved it!

Unfortunately the Home Team lost. Zoe had enough of baseball towards the end of the game and went to sleep. Aidan was so excited and was still awake when we got  home.....what kid doesn't fall asleep at night during a car ride??

I almost forgot an exciting thing. Before the game started, they were playing some upbeat music. Christy had Zoe standing on her lap and was moving her to the music. We were watching the pictures on the big screen scoreboard and THERE WAS ZOE! They kept her up there for quite awhile. We were sooo excited....and I never thought to grab my camera!

And another neat thing. As we were going into the park, one of the attendants struck up a conversation about Aidan bringing his glove. He told Aidan to open up his glove and he put a baseball in it. Aidan was thrilled! Later when he was getting his balloon made, he was given another baseball. Wow! He said right away that he was going to give it to Ellen and he did. What a generous little fella!

Take me out to the Ballgame, Take me out to the [Park]. Buy me some peanuts and cracker......................=))


Barb said...

What a fun family evening! I'm glad too it didn't rain.The kids are just adorable.

Musicaljean said...

That sounds absolutely awesome!!

Theresa said...

Oh my goodness... what a fun time! Sweet pictures, love it that Zoe got on the big screen and Aiden got baseballs AND shared one of them! I also love the night sky AND the morning sky! I am always looking up:)

Have a blessed evening dear Doris, HUGS!

Becky K. said...

Hello Doris!
It was so nice of you to introduce yourself! I am your newest follower and will look forward to getting to know your family. I love that you are taking care of the grands....other than their parents there is no one better to pour into the lives of children!

I'm in the Southern end of the county, by the way.