Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Spending time with more Family

On Monday evening, we had the privilege of spending some time with my niece Lisa and her hubby George, their sweet daughter Sophie and their cute doggy Nilla Bean. They live in Florida and have been traveling North, visiting family all along the way! They were staying with my step Mother Mary on Monday night.

George, Lisa and Nilla Bean
visiting in Grandma Mary's wonderful living room

Sophie loved Zoe
but Zoe wanted to be on the move!

Nilla Bean
Lisa said she sleeps all the time at home but
on this trip she doesn't seem to want to miss any thing!
I said she must be related to my sister, Lisa's Mom =)
Jeanie never wants to miss anything either...
when we are together and she has to use the ladies room,
she instructs us not to say anything important while she is gone...

Marcy, Scott and Paityn came too
Jenn and Sam were there .
Grandma Mary next to Sam.
Corey came too...
we had his kids with us!
My sister Mary Ellen was there too.

Aidan was being shy when we sang
Happy Birthday to him!

We had a wonderful time! Lisa and her family are now at her Mother and Dad's home where they will spend several days together. I know my sister is enjoying every moment!

Today is a busy day......

This should be a clue as to why I'm having a busy day =)

My silly Aidan.....

and this sweet puddin' Zoe......

are keeping me on my toes today!
It will soon be nap time.
Aidan will try to sleep and
 Zoe will surely be tired enough to sleep.

Nana has her Kindle ready and waiting for some quiet time =)

Hope you are enjoying your Wednesday!

P.S. Just in case you are wondering about where I shopped yesterday.....I stayed in town. CVS, Amelia's (discount store) and Weis. Used coupons at CVS - spent $13 and saved $21.....2 transactions so I could use the extra bucks coupons I got from the frist one. 


Theresa said...

Oh what a fun visit! I know that you all enjoyed having them there! SO sweet!

Love those precious little faces! Enjoy your day my friend with your Kindle!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful times shared with loved ones. I love the photos of Zoe and Aidan. You did great with your coupons. What are you reading on kindle?

Doris said...

Mildred, I'm on book 3 of the Yada Yada Prayer Group series. My sister has read all of them (not sure how many there are) and loved them. I'm enjoying them too! I'm also working through The Wisdom of Stability: Rooting faith in a Mobile Culture by Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove. It's thought provoking, one I'm taking my time reading.

I'm loving my Kindle!

Anonymous said...

Hi Doris, Everyone I know thru blogging who has a Kindle has loved it! Glad you are enjoying yours.

Thanks for the comment on the kitchen curtains. Can you believe they just matched the color the painter painted the cabinets and I found them at Wal Mart!

Musicaljean said...

Hey, Doris, great coverage of the evening at Grandma Mary's. Would so loved to have been there. We're having such a good time with Lisa and family. The most wonderful part is seeing how much Austin and Sophie love each other.

By the way, you had the wrong boy there with Jenn. That was Sam, not Ray!!

Doris said...

Jeanie....oh. good.grief! I know better! Of course it was Sam!! Senior moment???!