Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Clipping Coupons

I'm clipping coupons from the Sunday News this morning. I clip and I use some of them but many of them expire while they sit in the tin storage container.

Using coupons can be a way to save. But as I look at the advertisements I become confused as to where the best savings are. I need toilet paper - $1 coupon..... So should I use it at....
  1. CVS where Charmin 12 ct.is $5.49 (plus I have a $1 bonus buck coupon)
  2. Family Dollar where Charmin Basic 12 ct is $5.00 (Basic may mean the rolls are smaller)
  3. Weis Markets - Charmin 12 ct. mega rolls or 24 big rolls are $11.99. But if I also buy 3 more listed items (all things I need and have coupons for) that are around $10 each, I get $10.00 off  my next trip. Oh, and for every $50 spent, I get 10 points for gas...10 cents off a gallon.
See what I mean??? I could also go to several discount stores like  Sharp Shopper or Amelia's and find what I need for less than when using coupons. UGGG!

My day is passing at breakneck speed. If I'm going to get any of my needed items before Ellen gets home from school, I best make up my mind and go somewhere!


Anonymous said...

With gas prices like they are, many times I choose to just shop in one place and forget the coupons. We try to save any way we can though. Take care Doris.

Theresa said...

I shop at Kroger and mostly shop there for the majority of my groceries! If I have $5.00 off $30 at Publix, then I will stop there and use that coupon! Sometimes I have Target coupons and I will spend them IF it is something that I need!

My Daughter is the coupon queen, she buys FOUR Sunday papers and has it all REALLY organized! She feeds a family of SIX and has really gotten into the coupon clipping!

Hope you got lots done today, me... not so much! Oh well, there is tomorrow!

Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS!