Sunday, June 5, 2011

Oh, did we have Fun!

This was another week-end that was filled from beginning to end. There are times when that's the way it is and it's just plain OK. Let's start with Saturday morning....

I was up early because I wanted to get as much done in the morning as possible. I had some laundry to wash and fold, some cleaning and sweeping to do too. Then it was time to get myself cleaned up and head over to Pleasant View Retirement Community where I used to work. I was meeting up with the pastors wife to practice a hymn which I was singing during the worship service the next day. She plays the piano and was accompanying me. I was sooooo thrilled to also see Bev, the receptionist. Since I last saw her, she became a Grandma and I wanted to hear all about it...and see pictures, of course!

After I left there, I stopped for some groceries and headed home again. I couldn't wait to see....GINA!! She came down with Joe's Mother who was coming to Lancaster to be with her Hubby (his job is in Lancaster Co.) and to see her sister. Gina decided to come and spend the week-end with us. She wanted to do some shopping so off to the mall we went. We got her some clothes, got her a haircut and her glasses straightened - by Christy, of course at Modern Eyes. We ate at Subway, got pretzels and a Mango lemonade at Auntie Ann's, I got me a white choc. frapp...oh, did we have ourselves some fun! Joe told Gina not to get hm anything....I told her that he didn't tell me that.... I got him a cool t-shirt =)

From the mall, we headed to Party City to look for a few more items for Aidan's birthday. Got some, took them back to the mall to Christy. Then we headed home. By that time it was close to 8:00! But, we decided to stop in at my sister Mary Ellen. Gina was never at her home since she moved there a year ago. We got a tour then it was time to really head home!

I had cupcakes to make for the party, a hot dish and a cold dish to make for fellowship meal at church. Oh my, it was going to be a late night! Gina helped to brown the hamburger for BBQ (sloppy joe's to you southern folks!), got the cupcakes in the oven, made a chocolate PB torte, made icing and iced the cupcakes. And we had thunderstorms too. I got to bed around 12:30.

It was so good to sing for the residents at PV again. Larry called me 'Doris from the Forrest' again....ahh, sweetness. And I got to check up on another resident dear to my heart as well as many IL and Al residents and some staff. Connie, who had worked for me, waved from across the auditorium when she heard I was there. Love all those people =)

Home again to get the cupcakes, gift and Gina. We went to church which was not yet over then ate lunch. From there it was to Corey and Christy's for Aidan's 3rd 'Dinosaur' Birthday Party. Again, what fun!! Enjoy the pictures....


Can you tell what shape the cupcakes are to be??
Also there was Swamp Punch (gummy worms in it)
and dirt pudding (with gummy worms)!
This is a Boys Party, for sure!

Christy's sister Laura, Christy's Mother,
Corey with Teddy Bear,
Amber and Nicky, friends of Corey and Christy...
Aunt Amber and Aunt Nicky to Aidan =)

It got hot in the sun!

Gina and Zoe...awww!

Time for a Dinosaur Hunt!

Watch 'em go!

Found one!
Christy gives a cheer =)

Paityn keeps looking......
then she had a good idea.

She knew where to find dinosaurs...
on the food table!
Brenden thought it was a great idea too!

What is everyone looking at?

Brenden has a lot of Dinosaurs!!

You still with me? There's more pictures.....

Happy Birthday to you.....
looks like one pleased little 3 yr. old!

Opening gifts...
Clothes....Mommy said I could use some!

A Dinosaur match game!

What is this???
(sorry, it's not quite clear)

A baby Dinosaur Robot!!
Aidan said he wanted one,
Christy looked on Craigslist and found this one for a
fraction of the original price....was never taken out of the box!!

Paityn loves it too!

Donna (Christy's sister) relaxes with Zoe.

Relaxing and chatting....
notice it's in the shade!

Zoe sits in a big person chair!

Aidan tries his new scooter.

And the party comes to an end. What a great time we all had! Gina is now on her way back home...thanks, Vicky, for bringing her! Marcy, Scott and Paityn and Kim and Andrew came to hang at the homestead tonight. Hubs grilled sausages and hot dogs, I sauteed onions and peppers and mixed up a salad. Life is good!

One gentleman at the worship service at PV this morning asked me if I was planning on coming back to work there....I said "No, I'm quite content doing what I'm doing.." Yes I am...Life is quite all right! But I did promise to bring my Grands to visit. And I will!


Anonymous said...

Hi Doris, What wonderful photos and such a busy and fun weekend. Love those cupcakes! It's great to see everyone having such a good time. Hope you rest well tonight!

Theresa said...

Now that was my kind of weekend! BUSY and FUN with family and friends! Love the dinosaur birthday, cupcakes and the hunt:) Looks like everyone had a great time! SWEET little children:)

I know it was great to see your old friends again and sing? Girl, you'll have to sing for me some day! Have a blessed evening, rest a little... big hugs!


Bet you sleep well and happy tonight, Doris.


Musicaljean said...

I'm so glad Gina could be home for such a fun event. And that you could reconnect with people at PV. Great weekend, great pictures and memories.

Barb said...

Wonderful pictures and many good memories! So glad you got to see your friends at PV. I'm sure many of them would love to have you come back but I'm glad too that you are doing what you love.