Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Evidence of some Hard Work!

Deck floor got stained ....Hubs will need to purchase another gallon to finish it!

We are using a darker color this time.
I really like it!

The ramp leading to the driveway.

Part of the fence is stained. We use a latex solid color white. I started and Hubs took over when he ran out of stain for the deck.

Inside and outside of this portion in complete!

 I had a few oops!

Spilled a lot of can just dropped right out of my hand....went all over my foot and Croc flip flop. It washes off easily. Hubs washed most of the evidence away too!

Another oops!

This one was not as bad. I just cannot hold the container for too long at a just slips right out of my hand!

Work yet to be done....our Holiday was just not long enough =)

Marigolds always are planted around the Crab apple tree in the top lawn,
the Impatiens go in pots in the back yard.

Vinca will go in the bed on the side of the house
and in big pots on the deck.

Yesterday I had my two sweeties. They both were just a bit out of sorts. That's what happens when you come back from vacation! They did have a wonderful time at the beach. Aidan and Zoe loved the sand but the water was cold!

Today I have been working on the Bible Study for our Women's Ministry tonight. We are meeting at the church tonight. I don't mind hosting but when I'm teaching too, it can feel like too much. I'm really enjoying this study on spiritual gifts.

It continues to be hot around here. It got rather cloudy and dark this afternoon but no rain. It's to cool off to the 80's tomorrow. If it's less humid, that would be a blessing for those who must work outdoors.

Hope you are all enjoying this day....this is the day the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it!


marcy said...

Looks good but I'm sure it was a lot of hard work for such hot days!


I love the darker color on the deck. Good work.


Theresa said...

WE were just talking about staining ours today! Let me know what you used:) Have a blessed and restful evening! Love the flowers! Lots of hard work staining AND planting... and the HEAT is awful here in my neck of the woods too! HUGS!

Musicaljean said...

Everything's looking great!

Doris said...

Theresa wanted to know what we used on our deck. Maybe more of you would like to know too....
Cabot Bark Mulch semi-solid stain. I'm really liking the darker color. Can't wait to get it finished and put out some furniture!!

Anonymous said...

Your deck is beautiful; I love the darker stain. It will be so nice once you get your furniture out and you can sit and enjoy! Painting the white fence is a hard job - I've done one just like it! If your hands are real sore, you might try soaking them in a little tub of epsom salts. It helps the soreness. Wishing you a good day and I hope the little ones get back in their routine - vacation takes a toll even though it's fun while it's happening.

Barb said...

It all looks so nice. Hope it's soon finished and you can sit and enjoy!