Friday, June 10, 2011

Is it summer yet? and other random stuff......

  1. Is it summer yet? Feels like it's July but no, it's  June. Poor kids that are still in school! Ellen has half days though next Wednesday. The last day is Thursday which lets out at 10....why bother going??
  2. Yesterday was soooo hot! Greta suggested having tacos for dinner. That sounded yummy and wasn't much effort to put it together =) I made sausage sandwiches for Hubby who does not care for tacos. For dessert we had strawberry smoothies that I made with vanilla ice cream and frozen strawberries. Perfect for the ending of a hot day!
  3. There were storms around our area but we didn't get more than a few rumbles of thunder and some drops of rain. A 13 yr.old Amish boy was struck by lightning and killed while working with his father in a field in the southern end of the county. So sad! Our neighbor's daughter and her husband had a tree branch fall on their vehicle while driving. It broke the windshield but they were ok. These storms this year seem so wild!
  4. We are feeling some relief from the intense the heat today. 80's instead of high 90's. It's still humid, though.
  5. So Meridith left the Today show and Anne is now co-anchor. OK (I said this was random!!) My kids wondered what planet I was on when I didn't even know it was in the works!
  6. Got my locks cut head feels clearer this morning. hehe!
  7. Got a notice in the mail yesterday that we owe the health insurance company that ended on April 30 $276.83 for Ellen's meds that were billed to them on May 15. WHAT ??? (I think my blood pressure went up a few notches) I gave the pharmacy the new card when I got there to pick up the meds that day. How did I know they didn't run it on that card? Called the pharmacy. They said to bring in the old card and they could try to fix guarantee it would work. I took it in right away (even though it was dinner time) I sat there waiting thinking that I would probably be making a phone call the next day to argue my case....I did the correct thing by giving the new card.....unknown to me, the Pharmacy already ran it through the old insurance before I got there and it went through WITH a conformation #. And they think I need to pay this?? In the letter it stated that we surely knew it had ended on April 30. Yup, I knew but it seems they didn't! Well, the pharmacist was able to reverse it and charge the new insurance. Whew!    But it still bugs me!
  8. Remember that our daughter Marcy is expecting a baby in November?

    They found out this week that it's  a GIRL!!!!
    Paityn will have a sister =)
    They, and us, are all excited.....
    really, really excited!
    On that happy note, it's time to get this Friday moving. Normal stuff to accomplish, nothing too exciting. 
    Have a wonderful day!


Mildred said...

Hi Doris, Your weather sounds very much like ours. All around were heavy rain storms but all we got was a few drops and thunder. Congratulations on finding out about your new granddaughter. Paityn will have a little sis!!!
Nothing gets my blood pressure up like insurance/pharmacy goof ups. Hope that you all enjoy the weekend.

Musicaljean said...

A few months ago I switched to a different BP prescrip at my insurance company's direction. CVS had given me some free samples of my old prescrip to hold me over till the new one cleared. So I used all the samples up first, which meant I didn't start taking my new ones for about a week after I picked them up. Occasionally I have forgotten to take a pill, so my 90-day supply has lasted more than 90 days. This week I got a letter from the insurance company saying that they see that I have stopped taking them, warning me of all the consequences of doing so, telling me to please contact my doctor. GOOD GRIEF!!!!! Talk about feeling like someone is looking over my shoulder!

Barb said...

Love the random thoughts. I'm so glad the prescript situation got worked out. Oh the frustration!!


Love your newsy random post.


PS. You are so sweet to work so hard to continue commenting on my blog, even when blogger is acting silly. I love hearing from you.

Theresa said...

Congrats on the new baby girl coming to keep Paityn company:) Love little new babies! Happy that you got the insurance stuff straightened out, thinks like that really bug me too!

Ya know, I LOVED Merideth and I hope Ann will do a good job! She IS NOT a Merideth, we'll see:)

Have a blessed evening my friend, HUGS!