Monday, June 13, 2011

And it's over in a flash....

What is over in a flash, you may ask? Well, our busy week-end, for one thing. And a baseball game too!

Our week-end was really busy. They usually are. On Friday I did some extra cleaning that I have been putting off for too long. Felt good to do it even though it was soooo hot! I went to bed that night exhausted. Around 4 or so in the morning I woke to hear some rumbling in the distance. I kind of hoped the storm that was brewing would pass us by. But it didn't. I got up to turn off the fan in Ellen's bedroom because it was raining. Before long the storm was on our doorstep and I knew Ellen would be awake. She does not like thunderstorms. Her bed was empty when I went to check on her. She was already downstairs! It rained hard but the storm wasn't too bad, thank God. Ellen didn't go back to bed so I stayed up too. An early start to my Saturday!

Saturday always includes some cleaning. I hurriedly put away some nail polish which ended up in an oops. It wasn't shut! Needless to say, I had pink nail polish flung on the carpet in the family room! Why didn't I shut the bottle when I finished painting my toe nails?? I didn't realize I hadn't! Greta looked on line to see what to do. I wiped with water, sprayed it with hair spray and used nail polish remover. It mostly worked.... but the smell! Oh my! Plus, I knew Zoe was not going to crawl over that stuff. I needed to run the carpet cleaner over it too. But first Dale and I had a purchase to make and Ellen and I had to head to the mall to get her glasses fixed.

 Hubs and I took off in the van to make a very special purchase. We have been wanting to buy a porch swing for years to replace the 2 old rusty swings in our swing set. We got a call on Friday that the fellow had two styles for us to look at. I sat on one and thought it was fine, sat on the other and.....LOVED IT! Guess which one we came home with ;o)

To the mall it was after I got some more cleaning done. Christy was busy so we walked to some stores to look around. We have a store that sells tea - Teavana. Ever hear of it? They were having a special promotion so I tried lots of tea. Oh my goodness, it was all so good! Had I been able to spend the money, I would have bought some. Ellen got her glasses fixed and after 3 more stops we were home.

I made a big dish of mac and cheese and a pot of pulled chicken for our family lunch the next day. Then cleaned the carpet. Doesn't look too bad....again, Thank God! Whew, what a day!

Sunday it was to church early because it was my Sunday to sing with the worship team. The kids came for lunch. Ellen had a baseball game at 3. Dale took her and the rest of us planned to go a little later. The sky was really getting dark. I took Christy and her kids  (Corey needed to go home to clean up their basement that had water in it from the heavy rain we got on Saturday night) and Paityn who wanted to go with us too! We got there with the ever darkening skies, unloaded the kids, found places to sit on wooden benches, cheered each hitter....then a flash! Lightening! EVERYBODY cleared the field.....Game over! So we packed up the kids and came home again!

Scott was in the mood for a game. I pulled out Parcheesi. Christy, Scott, Lynn and I got all competitive and we had ourselves a fun time!

Christy is calculating her best move.

Aidan watches Lynn count out his move.

Aidan helps his Mommy by shaking the dice.
Paityn helped her Daddy too.
When they got tired of helping,
off they went to do something more exciting.
But they came back at times to be sure we were doing it correctly =)

 Looked like Lynn might win, then I thought I may have a chance but in the end it was Christy who did the fancy moves to pull out the win....

Christy says,Yeah Me!
Look at Zoe's face!

These guys look like they had fun even though they didn't win!

Dinner was leftovers from lunch and BLT's. Ice cream too....always gotta have Ice Cream on a Sunday!

It may have been a busy one that went by in a flash but it was Great!


Anonymous said...

Busy but it sounds like fun. I especially love Zoe's expression - cute, cute, cute!

Musicaljean said...

Another blessed event! We didn't even get around to playing games last week.

Theresa said...

WOW, you made me tired:) That was ONE BUSY Doris! I used to LOVE to play Parchesi, and I don't even own that game now! Hmmmm, perhaps I will purchase one for our Family vacation!

Love it that you all get together on Sunday, that is great! We had a rainout on Saturday evening too!

Have a blessed day my friend! Thank you for your prayers!!!!

Rachel Olsen said...

I love porch swings, tea and playing Parcheesi - can I come over and hang with you all this weekend?

Smiles ~ Rachel

Doris said...

We do have good times when we are together. Come on over =)

I just posted a picture of the swing. My Kindle and I are loving it! (hmmm, you may be hanging there with me this summer....I'll let you know when I get your book!)