Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cleaning, pondering, research, and Fab Weather!

This week is going by very fast! Tuesday and Wednesday I spent part of the day cleaning. I feel such an urgency to complete some work I started last year but never finished..... Ellen's old bedroom which is to be our exercise room. Oh the dust that has gathered there!! It's not finished but it's getting there.

Another project on the radar is our stuck in the 70's kitchen. I've been researching color ideas on the Internet for weeks. Finally, yesterday I went to the hardware store to look at paint samples to narrow down the possibilities. Of all the samples I brought home, I chose two different combinations of three coordinating colors. At first I thought combo #1 was the best.....then I put combo #2 together and thought that one was better. Then I spent all evening researching again......the more I read, the more unsure I was becoming. Ugggg!  Currently I am back to combo #1. But I want to check out more wall color samples just to be sure. And I'm not painting my cabinets white which apparently is a very, very popular choice!

What fabulous weather we are having right now! The snow is disappearing quickly. I am so OK with that! I can now cross the roads (yes, roads. we live on the corner of a T road... mailbox is not in front of our house) to the mailbox without fearing for my life. I have not been able to get off the road due to snow and ice. This afternoon Aidan and I went out side to kick a ball around on the deck. He loves to be outdoors!

Tomorrow I go to Jess to get the mop I have on my head trimmed into something that represents style =) I'm all over letting it get a little longer! After that appointment, I meet Christy and the children at the mall. Christy will work and the children and I will head back to our house. I may do a little bit of shopping before we head home. A wee bit bit of shopping! (mostly looking)

It's time to head to bed with my cup of tea. Sweet dreams!


Mildred said...

Enjoy your tea! I am in the process of choosing paint colors and kitchen cabinet colors and from day to day, I change my mind! ARGH!

Hope you all enjoy the weekend.

Theresa said...

Wow, a fresh new look for you and your kitchen! Love it! I have been wanting to do some painting around my little home too!

Enjoy your day with the family and buy you something at the Mall:)