Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday Ramblings......

Where did the warm weather go??? Yesterday it was beautiful and so warm. It was starting to get very windy and colder at bedtime.

The winds never let up all day today. I did some cleaning and grocery shopping. What a challenge to push a full grocery cart across the parking lot! I also had to fill the car with gas....brrrrr!

 This evening I cooked two large chickens and made a huge pot of soup. It's cooling now. I also will put together spicy chicken tomato soup in the crock pot tomorrow morning. And I baked cookies (cheaters....ready to bake!), made a veggie pizza and cut up veggies to serve with dip for those who don't like the pizza. Even though I haven't said anything to the kids, I expect a house full after church! They usually show up and Mom is prepared to feed em good =)

Hubby did a fun project today. Will be fun for the kids, anyway! He painted part of a wall in the computer room with chalkboard paint! It needs to cure for 3 days. Then we will let the kids have some fun. Ellen is looking forward to writing on it too. Who knows, maybe the adults will have some fun showing their artsy side too! Hubby plans to put up some trim yet and I will figure out a fun way to store the chalk and an eraser.

My eyes are having trouble staying open. I best get to the kitchen again and finish the clean up then head to bed! Have a good night and a blessed Lord's Day tomorrow!


marcy said...

Sounds delicious! We'll be over to help eat it.

Theresa said...

Love the Sunday tradition of gathering at Mama's for lunch:) That's the way I was raised, Sunday Church and home for lunch!

Enjoy your day my friend! BIG HUGS AND HUGE BLESSINGS!


Hope you got some lovely rest.