Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A different kind of Valentine's Day

Two littles needed Nana at their house yesterday morning. After getting a few things done here, I was off to spend time with my sweet Aidan and Zoe. Aidan wasn't happy to have Mommy go to work but he got over it. We did a valentine craft project. I drew the hearts, Aidan scribbled with a red crayon over them, I wrote names on them and cut them out, Aidan assisted with the tape and pink yarn to hang them. We hung them in the doorway to the living room. We also found gold ribbon and hung that too. After they were done and I was still standing on the chair, Aidan put up his pointer finger to me and said "wait, wait! We need one for you, Nana!" I didn't think we needed one for me but to please the little man, we went to work and made one for Nana, hung it.....then Nana said we should make one for Pop Pop too. Aidan agreed. He was very pleased with our work!

I had dinner ready for Corey and the children before I left for home. At home, there was some good smelling BBQ chicken  breasts in the crock pot. I also had planned on baked potatoes but I guess I didn't set the oven correctly and they didn't bake! I did some in the microwave, but it's not the same. Hubby was busy fixing a toilet, lovely V-day project!! And these were waiting to be found when I came into the family room......

This white pitcher is what I prefer to use with cut flowers.
I think it shows off the flowers more than a vase.

We spent the evening relaxing at home. We were both tired.....we're so like old folks sometimes! Ellen wasn't tired. She spent the evening dancing as she always does!

Have a great Tuesday! I have much to accomplish.....up and at em =)


MOLLYE said...

Well honey that's why we have the blessing of memories because we can always recall those days when we DID dance the night away. Personally I'd rather be sitting quietly right now. But wowza it was fun back then! Happy Day! Mollye

Theresa said...

Oh Honey, sounds like we both have sick Grandyounguns! I hope yours are feeling better today, mine are:) Love your pretty flowers, and the pitcher is perfect as a vase! We enjoyed our evening at home and not out in the crowds!

We better get busy, I am still sitting reading blogs:) Have a blessed day my friend! HUGS!

Anonymous said...

Yes, we can remember back to care free days before toilets malfunctioned etc. We had hot dogs for our romantic dinner! What's best of all is that we were together, right?

Enjoy your Tuesday Doris.


How lovely to come home to flowers.


Musicaljean said...

Those flowers are GORGEOUS!! The pitcher is perfect.