Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Snow Day (snow, ice, freezing rain)

Yup, we have a snow day! Ellen is thrilled to have the day off from school. It did snow during the night, then  sleet and now freezing rain. The roads are ok, they are being plowed and treated. But I am going nowhere! When I had a job, I worried way too much about road conditions. I had to go to work. But now, I do not have a job and I will only go somewhere IF the roads are to my high standards!!

That's what my car looks like this morning!
I hope it warms up above freezing so it won't be such a pain to clean off!

There is ice on that tree.
The neighbors' red barn always looks so pretty when it snows!

Ice on the bushes in the front yard.

The ice build up isn't too bad. The weather forecast says it's to warm up. I hope it does! While I was taking pictures, a red pickup went up the hill fish-tailing all the way. I suppose the driver was a guy that thought it was fun.....if I had been in that truck, I would've had some words with the driver!! Sliding is not fun even if  one tries to make the vehicle slide (my Hubby knows that what I say is the honest truth!!) 
As of 11:40am, the ice is not getting better. There is more build up than when I took the pictures. Yikes!
And now it's almost 2pm, the ice is melting! Yeah!

Here are a few pictures from Sunday when the family was here.

Aidan was pretending to be a baby...
sitting in Zoe's car seat!!

A very cute baby!
It wasn't long until he had enough of this!!

Aidan eating a banana while saying "cheese" and
wearing Nana's cowboy hat...that's what he calls my beach hat! He loves that hat!
Paityn is relaxing on her Daddy. She was not feeling well.
Sorry, Kim, I kinda caught you at an odd moment!
Yawning is ok....I was tired too but it was a great family day.

Now Aidan has a banana mouth on this one!
Oh well!

Several of our family were not feeling great on Sunday. Marcy was feeling all congested, Andrew was coughing as was Corey, I was needing to carry a Kleenex box with me. Lynn had strep throat last week. Paityn ended up being sick in her stomach before they left our house!

Aidan and Zoe will be here today again. This Nana better get moving. There are a few things that should be done before they get here!

Have a wonderful day! Stay warm!


Theresa said...

Congratulations on your snow day, I know Ellen is enjoying her day at home! We have rain and fog today, but no snow! I remember when I worked, the stress started as soon as the snow was predicted! We could be late but were expected to be there! Not anymore, if the roads are iffy... I am staying inside!

Love your family pictures! I so enjoy seeing the little ones having fun at their Nana's house!

Have a blessed day, HUGS!

Anonymous said...

I love your pictures today. I'm not a fan of ice though. We usually lose power and that is no fun in the winter. Glad you are safely inside for the day. Hope everyone is feeling better. Have a wonderful evening.

Musicaljean said...

We haven't had the freezing rain up here, thankgoodness. Just snow, but not too much. It felt wonderfully warmer yesterday afternoon. (29 and no wind, hahaha!)