Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Good Day

Saturday is usually a cleaning day around here. Today was no different. Before I started cleaning, I did some ironing. I like to iron. I really do! There isn't much that I wear that needs ironing, But hubby has shirts that just look better after a session with me and an iron. I think I did about 6 shirts this morning, 2 of mine and 2 dresses for Ellen.

After the cleaning was done, I was off to the grocery store to get a few supplies for the family dinner I usually make each Sunday. I picked up some carrots, celery, salad and was headed to the coffee aisle when around the corner came a friend I have not seen in years! Carol and I met years and years ago at a Bible Study held in her church. Her youngest daughter was in the same class as my oldest daughter, so for those years we would see one another sometimes. Then life happened and our paths just didn't cross. I cannot remember when we may have seen each other last. She said she saw a comment on facebook recently that I made to someone she knew. We caught up on our kids and of course, our grandchildren!! Carol, I hope our paths meet again soon!

Home again and the food prep began. I made a chicken cordon blu casserole that's in the crock pot ready to go in the morning, made a quick dip for veggies, boiled some eggs for the salad and made a wonderful smelling pan of brownies. Oh they smell soooo inviting! But, I will be a good girl and wait till lunch tomorrow. Yes. I. Will.

There are some dishes that are waiting to be washed and some celery to be cut. And my energy is fading fast. My cup of tea will taste especially good tonight!

Looking forward to Sunday! Our church now has the sermons on the web. This past week I listened to two of them. And I'm ready for more! A blessed Sunday to all!


Mildred said...

How very nice to see an old friend! Sounds like you had a very busy and productive day. I hope you enjoy your cup of tea and have a restful night and a blessed Sunday.

Theresa said...

Reconnecting with an old friend, a familiar hug... SWEET! Enjoy your Sunday my friend! Sounds like you have some good food ready for your Sunday meal! Have a blessed day, HUGS!


Wow, Doris, you are one hard working girl. Hope you got to put your feet up and rest a bit today!
(with your mint tea.)

Musicaljean said...

Hope you're having a chance to slow down a bit today after such a big weekend.