Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Brunch

Christmas Brunch for the ladies at my church has happened the first Saturday of December for many years. Today was the day. I am a co-leader of the Women's Ministry. Not sure how I got the task of decorating but I have been doing it! I do enjoy thinking up themes and puling things together to make a beautiful tablescape. I can't say I know what I'm doing, but I get it done! Enjoy some photos I snapped from the brunch -
What a mess!
This is how I work. There is even more that you don't see!
I had it all cleaned up before anyone arrived.

Three tables to decorate.
It was a candy theme this year.

Ladies arriving!
My Sister-in-law Nancy is on the left.
We invited her to be our speaker.
What a challenging message she gave...
"I just said No and don't feel guilty"
I realized too late that I didn't take a pic while she was speaking.

More ladies doing what we do best....chatting!

Isn't it wonderful to just sit and visit?

Now this was the cutest young lady there!
My little Zoe, of course!

My sister Jean was in Lancaster County for the week-end.
I asked her to come and lead us in a sing-a-long.
Wonderful songs, beautiful worship!

Heather and her girls participate in singing.

Singing... worshiping.

The brunch may be over but we just can't seem to get finished chatting!
That's what friendship is all about!

It was a wonderful morning. But now I'm kicking back and taking a much needed rest. My house needs cleaned. Oh my, does it ever! The fall decorations need to be taken down and put away. Now that I have bags and bags of Christmas decorations sitting around me (stuff I used at the brunch), I should do some decorating here. But, right now I am going to get some shut eye! All the work will surely still be here when I am rested and able to tackle it.

Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Hi Doris, The decorations are very festive. Sounds like you all had a wonderful time of fellowship. Zoe has the biggest smile on her face! I'm happy you have this afternoon to rest some. Thanks for sharing the great photos today.

Theresa said...

Wonderful time with friends! You did an awesome job on the decorations! I love seeing all of the ladies enjoying themselves! Oh MY, that sweet Zoe:) IS PRECIOUS! Hope you get some rest, you have really been busy lately! I have been shopping today and doing some wrapping, I just might shut my eyes too:) HUGS!


I love those moments, after an event is over, and you can rest and reflect on how much everyone enjoyed the Christmas brunch. Good work,Doris.


Musicaljean said...

It really was a wonderful atmosphere, Doris. Thank you for inviting me.

MOLLYE said...

Hi Doris, Thanks for stoppping by and your sweet words of love. You did a bang up job with your tablescapes. Merry Christmas Sister, XXMollye