Thursday, December 2, 2010

'More of the same' kind of week

My week has not been very exciting....

Wrap gifts at Boscov's...been busy!
Keep Aidan and Zoe (Now this is always exciting!)
Throw a load of laundry in the washer
Throw it into the dryer sometime later
Fold it after running the dryer again to get out the wrinkles
In between all that fun, work on decorations for the Brunch at church this Saturday
A hair cut and color appointment today....yeah!!
Drink lots of coffee

That's about it. I tried to take some fall decorations down. But the fall wreaths still adorn my doors and the little autumn flag is flapping in the wind in the front yard. I feel like I should post a sign -

 I am aware that it is December. Christmas will come to the Fahnestock household in good time =))

Have a great evening!


Theresa said...

Oh dear, you are busy! Just get to the Fall decorations when you can, no rush:) Hope you get some rest soon! Sounds liks a lot going on up there! Have a blessed evening! HUGS!

Musicaljean said...

Same here. Dick had off work today and was going to put up our outside lights. But I was sick today, so he became nanny for the day.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't it feel great to get your hair done? I had mine trimmed today. I'm sure you are tired from being on your feet so much. Take care and I know you will have everything looking Christmas-y soon!

Doris said...

Oh, Mildred, I LOVE getting my hair done! It was a week longer this time but felt like a month. Was driving me crazy. But feels fabulous now!

Jeanie, please feel better soon. We want you well for Saturday. I am so excited to have you lead our sing-a-long!

Theresa, busy - yes! I think maybe I shouldn't have taken this temp job. But I love interacting with all the customers. I'm hopeless =) finally have a year where my Christmas could be less busy, but no... I made sure I'd be a little crazy! Go figure!

Joyce said...

Lol... I just took the rest of my fall down! I'm moving slow this year. Have the Christmas decorations up... but not the tree yet. I got lots of time! Enjoy your weekend!