Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Monday and Corn Chowder

Christy called me yesterday morning. They didn't have electricity and wondered if they could come over early so she could take a shower before work. Of course they could! So my little ones arrived soon after 12. Their Mommy got to shower and get all fixed up. Aidan noticed the cake still on the kitchen table from the day before. Could he please have some? Of course, this is Nana's house! (I did check with his Mommy first!) Christy took some to work with her too.

I decided to make corn chowder for dinner. After a lot of thought, I used a new recipe since it seemed easier than the one I usually make. Easier seemed better on this day when my energy level was not up to par. It was easy. But I thought it just wasn't all that tasty. So I added a little of this and a little of that. All of a sudden.....I remembered why it seemed flat to me. I wasn't tasting anything because of my cold!! Oh my word, what had I just done to our dinner! Thankfully, they all thought it was good. Whew!!

This morning I could smell and taste a little bit of the chocolate in my coffee. I do hope this means the cold is leaving.

It's a rainy day in Lancaster County, PA. Seems like a good day for lounging. I may give in and do just that!

Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

I hope your cold is much better and I think a rainy day is perfect for taking it easy and getting your strength back. The corn chowder sounds delicious - funny that you remembered why it tasted flat - I've done the same thing before when I was under the weather!

Theresa said...

It is raining here too! Sadly, I have been running around all day! Corn chowder.. never tried it! Sounds delicious! Hope your cold is leaving on a jet plane and leaving you feeling MUCH better, with your taste returning!


Doris said...

Thanks, Mildred and Theresa! I did take it easy for most of the day. And my cold seems to be getting better =) I made some really spicy black bean turkey chili...oh was I ever tasting it! Yummy!! (a great way to open the sinus passages!)