Monday, November 15, 2010

Busy days, Family days, and a cold (boo to the cold part)

It's Monday. I should be washing the dishes that sit in the sink (will get to them) and picking up a few things (will get to that too). It's been a busy week-end and I'm feeling it. A coughing, sneezy, stuffy head is not what I would have chosen to go with it, though. At least my throat is no longer sore =)

Saturday -
We had a Birthday Party even though the guest of honor was in the hospital. Sadly, Mother was not able to come home. We sang to her over the speaker phone. She then told us we were to celebrate every one's birthday. So sweet! Several of the family went to stay with her after we finished eating. Our niece from Maine is a Medical was so wonderful to have her here this week-end. She was a great help to us in understanding some of Mother's health issues.

Beautiful Birthday Cake!

A musician in the making!
This little cord organ has entertained many a Grandchild and Great Grand at Grandma Fahnestock's home! 

Paityn being silly...a little big for that chair, don't you think?!!

What do we have here?
A photographer in the making?
Zoe seems to be enjoying the strap more than the camera!

Sunday -
I sang with the worship team at church even though my voice is certainly not at it's best with this cold. At least I didn't have to sneeze =) We had the kids here for lunch to clean up the left overs from the Friday night meal. I needed to make another BLT salad and cranberry salad since there wasn't much of those left.. Of course we had ice cream later....and we snacked on the 3 cakes - chocolate and apple cakes that I made and the chocolate cake from the birthday party! They all left by 8:30. The little ones were tired. I made my tea and went to bed. I was tired too from this busy week-end!

So now it's Monday. I asked Hubby this morning what coffee he used.....we use flavored. Right now we are using a Godiva white chocolate mint. It has a really strong mint flavor. I wasn't tasting it at all... just as I couldn't taste the mint in my tea last night and I'm not tasting my breakfast smoothie this morning =(   I do hope this cold leaves soon!

My little ones will be here at 1. Aidan was disappointed that I didn't make a smoothie for him yesterday. I told him I would make him one today. I don't have a lot of frozen fruit right now so I best get myself to the grocery store before he comes. I also need to figure out what to make for dinner. I'm sure the energy will come when I get moving. I relaxed enough this morning.....I'm working on my get-up-and-go speech to myself! (I think it's working. maybe....)

Have a great day!


Theresa said...

Darn it that the Birthday Girl didn't get to come to her special party! I know she was just happy that you all were together enjoy each other's company!

Sure hope you get to feeling better. I am always moving, so I have no time to be sik and it sounds like you are the same way!

Have a blessed day and kick your feet up a little if you get a chance!


Musicaljean said...

How sad that Dale's mom had to miss her own 90th birthday party!

And I'm sorry you have such a miserable cold.

How I would love to have you on my worship team. But I guess that's unlikely to ever happen again. )-:

You certainly do not have to feel bad about zero energy and motivation after a big weekend like that plus a cold. I hope you can nap when the little ones do.

Barb said...

It does sound like a busy weekend. And with a cold, I can imagine the energy is lacking. Take care and hope you are feeling better quickly.