Tuesday, October 19, 2010

To the Dentist I Go

root canal
gum surgery
mouth open way too far
for 2 hours (way too long)
big bucks spent
geez, I do hope this is all worth it.

Not looking forward to it
but hoping to not be a wimp.
Or, at least to not let it show =}


Theresa said...

Oh Doris, I feel your pain... I had a root canal, hmmmm last year or the year before? Not something I like to remember:) Hope all goes well, it really wasn't all that people had made it out to be, still not fun but not that bad! Have a blessed day and get some rest! HUGS!


Hi Doris, I had a lot of oral surgery last year. Have you ever tried Nitrous Oxide? I really like it - it makes the 2 hours feel really fast. I pray everything goes well for you.

Why is dentistry SO expensive?


Doris said...

Thanks, my friends!

Yes, why does dentistry have to be so expensive?!!
Glenda, I have never tried Nitrous Oxide....but I have to drive home. Can you drive after using that?

Thresa, I have had a root canal done before and it wasn't that bad. But I still get butterflies....! Never had the gum surgery done before though.

I just spent time with my Lord praising Him for who He is, thanking Him for what He has done for me and asking Him for peace for my day. I fully expect Peace =)

Doris said...

Theresa...sorry I didn't catch that I misspelled your name before I hit Publish.

Musicaljean said...

I hope you're not in too much pain this evening. When you say gum surgery, what do they do?

Doris said...

Jeanie, I'm ok....my jaw hurts and I need to be careful. They didn't do much of the gum today. I really don't know what they do. He said he did 'build it up' a little bit. I go again next Thursday.

Mildred said...

Oh, I am so sorry. I hope you will do well. I'll be remembering you in my prayers.