Sunday, October 17, 2010

Grocery Store, Football and Parks

What a fun day! After church we decided to go to Marcy and Scott's house to watch the Eagles game. But we needed some lunch too. It seems like it's always so hard for us to decide what to do for lunch....unless I already have something prepared! We decided to stop at a grocery store near their house to pick up something....what, we weren't sure but we knew we would know when we saw it!! Scott, Greta, Lynn, Ellen, Paityn and I wondered through John Herr's Market and we found something...that's putting it mildly. We ended up with several lunch meats, cheeses and fixings for sandwiches, hot dogs and sausages for grilling, Chicken Pot Pie, veggies and dips, gummy bears (Ellen's choice!), several kinds of chips, Chocolate Cream pie, Red Velvet cake roll, iced tea and soda. It was a wonderful lunch! After watching Scott make a wrap, I decided I wanted one like his. Oh my it was good! Turkey breast, turkey ham salad, lettuce greens, fresh salsa, horseradish spread, mayo (just a little bit!), hot pepper pickle slices on a hot pepper wrap that was then toasted in a toaster oven.......that was one yummy sandwich!

After lunch Hubby and I took Paityn for a walk to a small playground in their neighborhood. There were some other kids there and Paityn had a blast playing on the equipment with them. She wanted to swing high to the sky =), she climbed a rock wall (you know, the plastic kind on a gym set), went down all the slides, climbed up the was the nicest day to be on a play ground.

We missed having Corey, Christy and their family with us. Christy and Aidan are sick. I hope they were able to watch the Eagles win. I didn't hear from Andrew today....not sure if his Cowboys won or not

Now we are back home. I have my feet propped up and am relaxing. Wonderful!

Today my friend Theresa from linked my soup recipe on her blog. How sweet of her! I have enjoyed getting to know her through blogging. We have a lot in common......especially our love for our kids and Grandchildren. I am delighted to call her my friend.

Hope your Sunday was a special one.  And may your week be a blessed one!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful Autumn afternoon. That wrap you described sounds delicious! Hope you have a lovely week.

Musicaljean said...

Wow, that was quite a spread!! That wrap sounded great!

I've been pigging out on bacon this weekend! Last weekend I thought my Arizona guests would be here for Sunday breakfast so I had all this bacon and bread for French toast. But they just had tea and then hit the road quite early.

So yesterday I made French toast and bacon when I was at Destiny's house in Reading, today I made French toast and bacon for lunch with Lori, and this evening I made BLT's for Dick and me. Now the bacon's all gone, and that's it for a long time!

Theresa said...

WOW, that was a feast:) I watched that game and enjoyed every minute! I love those Sunday afternoons with the family and a nice walk to the playground... perfect!

Enjoy your Monday and I am happy to call you my friend too! HUGS!