Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Yes, this is a post about most anything!
  • Yesterday after I posted, I realized it was my 100th post! I started blogging in May of this year after I became unemployed. Blogging is something I always wanted to do.

  • A picture I hadn't posted.....

Several weeks ago my siblings placed this arrangement,
 in memory of my Dad,
at the alter of his church.
We added a small Bible he used when he visited people
and his harmonica

  • I'm doing ok after my dental work yesterday. My jaw continues to be tender. My dentist called last evening to see how I was doing. I thought that was nice! I go back next Thursday to continue the work on this troublesome tooth.

  • My friend Elsie is having hip replacement surgery this morning. Please remember her in your prayers today. As I was on the dentist chair yesterday, I decided to pray for people that the Lord brought to mind (I needed a distraction from all the work that was being done in the very back of my mouth....  the worst place, in my opinion) and Elsie was the first person that came to mind! I hired Elsie a few years ago to work in the Dementia unit at the Nursing Home. She is an amazingly compassionate person.

  • Some more pictures....I guess not! While blogger isn't to do the maintenance till 5p, there seems to be issues already this morning. Bummer! 

  • It is Spirit Week at Ellen's school. Today each grade was to wear a certain color. Ellen was to wear purple. Now while this may not be a problem for most girls, it is an issue for Ellen. She does not like purple! We scoured her closet and dresser drawers for something purple. The only thing we found was a dress with pink, cranberry, brown and yes, purple in it! She likes to wear dresses so she was thrilled to be allowed to wear a dress to school. I don't mind her wearing a dress....except that she has trouble remembering to sit like a lady =/ At least this dress isn't too short and has a fuller skirt.

  • Today I will do some housework, laundry, grocery shopping and work on a presentation I will be giving on Monday. It will be a very busy day!!

  • RIP Tom Bosley, Mr. C! I loved Happy Days =) He wanted to be remembered for being a good Father, Husband and refreshing is that especially from a famous person!

Have a great Wednesday!


Theresa said...

WEll I am happy that you got part of your dental work completed... while praying:) I hope your friend's hip heals quickly and she will be back on her feet soon!

Enjoy your day my friend, sounds like a busy one! HUGS!

Anonymous said...

Checking in to see how you are today. Those are lovely flowers and I love your Dad's Bible and harmonica place beside them in his memory. I hope your friend's surgery goes well and I hope you continue to feel better too.


1oo posts ~ strong work, Doris!