Friday, October 15, 2010

A Soup kind of Day

Yesterday was a good soup day. When I heard the forecast for Thursday I decided I would buy a chicken and make a good Lancaster County soup.....Chicken Corn Noodle soup! My family loves it. I love it too!

I cooked the chicken on Wednesday night while I was watching Survivor. Stupid Somewhat entertaining show but I still watch it! I needed to go stay with Aidan and Zoe on Thursday morning so it was an up and going type of day. I brought them here after lunch. By that time it was raining, really raining! I was soaked and cold after getting them in the car and out again when we got here. I was so glad I had planned to make soup for dinner.

Before I started making the soup I read an email from Marcy that said they would come over this evening so Scott could service our computer =) I told her to come hungry because I was making our favorite soup. Of course Christy and Corey were coming too because we had their kids.

 I got out the BIG kettle and went to work. I also made a pan of chocolate chocolate chip brownies. Oh the house smelled so good! There were also a few pieces of apple cake for tasting too. I'm not the only one in this bunch that thinks that apple cake is the best ever!

Scott got the computer up and running again.....THANK-YOU Scott! And THANKS to Lynn who communicated to Scott with what he found.

Enjoy a few pictures that I took of our little ones ......

Scott having fun with Paityn.
Zoe is watching the action,
Aidan is playing behind them.

Aidan says Cheese!

Zoe enjoys Mr. Potato Head....
all the grand kids love this toy!
That is the little kids, my teenage grands not so much =)

Have a great Friday! It's another beautiful crisp Autumn day in PA. The Homecoming Football game is tonight. Ellen is looking forward to that! Her wonderful Daddy takes her to home games while I stay at home in the warm house. I much prefer that  : )


Theresa said...

It is soup weather here in the South too! I am fixing a big pot of chili:) Love your sweet grandbabies, they are just precious!

Have a blessed day my friend! HUGS

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

What!? Not recipe with the soup? Enquiring minds want to know!

It's been gorgeous here in MN but still totally soup weather.