Friday, September 10, 2010

My Buddy and my Little Sweetie

Yesterday Aidan felt better but his Mommy didn't go to work till evening. She had forgotten to write down a well baby appointment for Zoe. It was to be yesterday afternoon! She tried to change it but would not be able to get in till November. I told her I would come to their house and stay with Aidan while she took Zoe for the appointment. It was Aidan's nap time when I arrived. While Aidan slept I folded several loads of laundry and washed some dishes. Christy went to work after the appointment. Corey met them at the Doctor's office. He likes to be there too. I told Christy that I'm sure he loves to show off his little girl! She is a cutie, weighed 17.5 lbs. She's 6 months old.

Me and my Little Sweetie

Aunt Greta playing with our Little Sweetie
I was trying to find a photo that shows her chubby legs!

This morning I went to their house again. Christy started work at 9 today. Aidan usually sleeps till 9:30. But this morning he woke up crying before she left. So unusual. Christy comforted him and he tried to sleep again. It wasn't long after Christy left that he cried again. I went to him. It seemed to me that his stomach was not feeling good. He agreed that he didn't feel good. I took him downstairs, found a container....just in case. Yes, it was needed. My poor little buddy did not feel good. Around 10 I left him have some water. It stayed down. A bit later I offered crackers. They stayed down. He was soon off the sofa and playing. He found a bag of cookies sometime around lunchtime. Oh, no! He wanted some really, really bad! I agreed to one. (That's proof I'm the Nana and not the Mommy!) We packed up and headed to my house after 1. Aidan seems to be feeling just fine. Both my Buddy and my Little Sweetie are now sleeping.

Say Cheese!

Update on the Hubby....He went back to the Doc this morning. They put him on a second antibiotic. His leg is looking better. He is to stay off  it over the week-end. Has an another appointment on Monday morning and is hoping to be able to work again. In the meantime, he is having fun playing with Zoe while he props up his bum leg!

Have a great day!


Theresa said...

I think you could write my post for me, just change the names:) I hope Aiden feel all better and that Zoe I PRECIOUS!

Happy to hear the the hubs if doing better!

Have a blessed and restful weekend! HUGS!


Precious, precious grandchildren.