Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ahhh, fall-like weather!

It is cool out there this morning! It was in the 50's, is now 60. Ellen was cold while waiting for the bus. I knew she would not appreciate it if I suggested wearing capri pants or jeans this morning. She wore shorts. Sometimes a girl just has to learn from real life experience =)

Cooler weather causes me to think fall. I don't know if I'm ready to put a pumpkin on the porch yet but I would like to get some mums. I will switch out the patriotic wreaths on the doors for the fall ones. Oh, and I need to get my spice candles going again......I think I love that the best!

Hubby is home today. Last week he bumped his leg at work. Said it bled a little bit and hurt but not enough to slow him down. On Monday evening I noticed that his leg above his ankle looked swollen. He had jeans on so that's all I saw. He said again about bumping his shin and that it hurt some. Yesterday morning he said maybe he should get it looked at. I looked at it for the first time.....oh my word! It was a big lump with red around it! I was concerned. He was going to call the Dr. but told him I would do it because being put on hold for a long time was a great possibility since we were a day past a holiday. Because the injury happened at work, we had to make an appointment at another office we had never been to. He got in at 8p. His leg was more red and more swollen than in the morning. He is now on an antibiotic and needs to keep his leg elevated for 2 days. He has quite an infection going on.

My little ones are to come today, maybe. Yesterday Aidan was not feeling well. Christy may wait to go to work until this evening after Corey gets home.

I hope you feel better today, Aidan!

Have a great day!


Theresa said...

I will be praying for Aidan and your Hubby! Those husbands just don't know what to do without us!

Love your mum, it is so fall! I have a cinnamon pumpkin spice plug-in and it just smells like fall to me!

Have a blessed day with your cooler weather. Ours is a little warmer today but not too bad.


If you get this comment twice just delete one! I can't tell if the first one went or not:)

fahnmamma said...

Theresa -
only got it once!
That plug-in sounds wonderful! Going right now to get my candle out and to light it....
And, thanks a bunch for your prayers =)

marcy said...

Ok I will try this again. My first attempt did not go through.

I love this weather too. I have the windows and doors open but Paityn keeps trying to close them. She thinks too much air is blowing in the house. I also need to get my fall candles out.

Hope dad is taking it easy today. Scott has some sort of stomach bug and is not feeling good today. He tried to work this morning but has finally decided to take the rest of the day off.

fahnmamma said...

ummm, wonder what's going on....sorry you all have to do it twice just to let me know you have read the post! But appreciate the effort =)

Must be something going around, Marcy. Hope you and Paityn stay well!

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

It's much cooler here too! My kids went today to meet their online teachers (we homeschool at Minnesota Virtual Academy) and it was cool but they all wanted to wear shorts. Live and learn!!

Hope the rest of the family gets healthy!