Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The last day of Summer - for Ellen

The summer flew by. It always does! School begins tomorrow for Ellen. She will be in the same classroom, have the same teacher, travel on the same bus, and have most of the same classmates as last year. This is a good thing. Yet she feels nervous. Bless her heart, she anticipates most things with reservation. But she will be ok, I am so certain of that!

Today we looked and shopped at a local farmer's market called Roots. Christy wanted to go and we tagged along. What fun! I have not been there in many years. I'm not sure why except that I was always working! It is only open on Tuesday. (when I was working at the nursing home and we were talking about what we may have done on a certain day of the week....if I said, what would you do on a Tuesday....they would say, go to Roots! Even some residents with dementia would answer that one!) I came home with bananas for 35 cents a pound, some peaches and sweet potatoes. I also found a cute little sweater for Ellen which will be perfect for a sleeveless dress I recently got her. I was looking for one at the mall but this one was only $5! Nice!

Tonight we celebrated the birthday of a special lady. She became part of our family a year after my Mother passed away when my Dad married her. My sweet step-Mother, Mary, is 83 today. Her family was taking her to Shady Maple for dinner and invited the Witmer family to celebrate with them. Two of her sons didn't make it. There were 6 of the Witmer clan who did. What a nice time to be with our Zimmerman brothers and sisters. I had never eaten at Shady Maple before except for Corey and Christy's wedding reception. Eating in the restaurant is an experience. So much food! It was seafood night. I had a piece of Cajun catfish plus lots of other things. For dessert I had a piece of shoo-fly pie and soft vanilla ice cream and some lemon cheesecake dessert. The choices are endless. You pay before you eat and go for as much as you want for as long as you want! Needless to say, I am feeling very full tonight!

It was a good day. Tomorrow starts a new chapter in Ellen's life....10th grade!

Blessings to you Ellen!

Ellen and Greta at the E-town fair

Happy Birthday, sweet Mary!

Mary with my sisters Mary Ellen and Barb
(taken in July)


Musicaljean said...

Sure wish I could have been there this evening. I'm sure you had such a fun time!

10th grade???? How can that possibly be? I hope it's a great year for Ellen.

Theresa said...

Happy Birthday Mary! I love it that your Dad found a special Lady to share his life with!

Ellen is absolutely precious! I hope she will enjoy her day and have the best year ever!

Have a blessed day my friend! HUGS!

fahnmamma said...

Thanks, Theresa....Mary is a special lady. My Dad died almost a year ago. They spent almost 26 years together. Mary misses him so much as we all do. Her family loved him too. We are blessed with great relationships between the two famiies. A beautiful thing =)

Jeanie, we missed you too last night =[ I think it's time to plan another Zimwit gathering!