Saturday, September 11, 2010


I remember September 11, 2001.

 I was in a meeting at work when the first plane flew in the World Trade tower. As I came into the lobby after the meeting, a group of staff were standing in the lobby staring at the TV. I learned what had just happened and stood in a stunned silence with them. I remember saying something like...I will never go into those towers again. (I was very early into my pregnancy with  twins when I visited those towers and rode the crazy fast elevator to the top....and dropped my camera on the bathroom floor and broke it! But what an awesome view of NYC from the top of the tower.....) Little did I know, it would never be possible. While watching the TV, I saw the second plane fly into the other tower. Unbelievable! It was hard to tear myself away. Sometime during the morning, I noticed a girl watching and sobbing quietly. I didn't know who she was. She was probably someone that worked with the Therapy group we used. I went to her, put my arm around her and asked if she was ok. She said her boyfriend works in the World Trade Center. He  didn't go to work that day because he  didn't feel good. Talk about chills! I don't recall what I said to her but I think I said something about God's protection.

Every TV in the facility was tuned to the news. I watched reports of the two other crashes. I saw the towers fall to the ground. I saw people running.....Our world would never be the same. 

Somehow we have gone on. We made travel plans. We flew again. We talked about other things happening in our world and watched news stories about them. Life settled to a new normal.

But, may we NEVER forget!

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Thanks, Doris, for helping us remember.