Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's, it's pouring!

We are getting some a lot of needed rain. I woke up to the rain hitting the window by the bed. I wanted to stay and listen to it and drift back to sleep. Couldn't do it. Ellen had a school bus to meet and needed me to motivate her towards that goal =)

I keep the two little ones today. Yeah! Need to get something accomplished this morning before they come since I don't have help. Greta has classes this morning and works this afternoon.. I have a beef roast to put in the crock pot for dinner.....some days I think ahead!

An update on the insurance snafu.....a telephone call to an 800 number because the local office was swamped produced some results. A very nice lady looked at the case, wrote up a statement to send to the local office filled with correct information. In it was a request for a phone call to me. I had a hair appointment and didn't get home till mid afternoon. I was very surprised to have a message. My experience has been a call several days later if at all. The message said they are waiting on pay stubs from me or  documentation that I am no longer employed. How many times have I stated that I'm no longer employed......when were they going to let me know they needed something to confirm that (my word is not good enough?? and what exactly is documentation that I'm not working?? no paychecks?? ). Oh our ever efficient government offices. I left a message asking what it is they are looking for but contacted HR at my former employer to get this on it's way. So it will not be re-instated till I get the documentation to them. If I do get a return phone call, I will (will work really hard to control my tone) be nice, but I would like to know just when they were going to inform me that Ellen no longer had benefits and just what it was they were waiting on.  This has cost us some unexpected out of pocket dollars. I don't expect we will be reimbursed . Will be ok....don't like it but.....

I'm hungry. Need to make my breakfast smoothie. That will keep me going till my little ones arrive. It will be a good day!


Theresa said...

Well, at least you are getting in contact with someone and found out what they needed:)

Enjoy your little ones today and hope it is a great day!

We have been getting rain here too and I am loving it AND the cooler weather!


Musicaljean said...

I'm so glad you were able to get someone to listen to you. I am praying that when they reinstate her elegibility it will be retroactive to August 28 and you'll be reimbursed for the cash you had to put out.

It's raining hard here too. I heard that Lancaster County is declaring an emergency and that Manheim Central is getting out at 1:30. Remember when White Oak road used to flood like crazy when the creek overflowed?