Friday, October 1, 2010

Remembering my Daddy

One year ago today, my Daddy when to Heaven. He had suffered enough and was so ready to meet the One he had served for so many years. My Dad was an ordained minister in the Mennonite Church since 1960.  He would rise very early in the morning, make coffee then go to his study to read his Bible, worship his Lord and prepare his sermons.

Daddy was an encourager. He would often affirm gifting in people.  During one of his last days and even though he was so sick, I remember him looking at my tall grandson Andrew and tell him that he sees in him a leader. Kim, my oldest child and Andews' mother, said a counselor or teacher in school had just recently told him he had leadership qualities. Chills went through me!

He was a gentle man and a powerful speaker/preacher. He was a compassionate counselor and mentor. People loved him. We all loved him so much. We miss him so much.

We miss his prayers. He had a long prayer list. He prayed for many people and ministries by name. We knew he was praying for us, his children and our families, each day.

Enjoying a book at my BIL's lake house

Dad and Mary looking at some pictures during a family gathering

The next 3 pictures were taken during his last few weeks on earth.
Each moment was precious.
I will treasure them always!

Sharing a laugh with Mary Ellen, my sister. 

On a  beautiful Sunday he decided to go for a stroll to the lake in the wonderful community where he and Mary lived. I walked with them. Many people stopped to greet them and let them know he and Mary were in their prayers. 

One of his favorite activities was singing, especially singing with his family.
We sang a lot in his last weeks. He helped as long as he was able.

I thank God for the wonderful parents He chose for me. They now are rejoicing in His presence along with my oldest sister.  

We all miss my Dad very much but probably not as much as his wife of almost 26 years. Please remember our sweet Mary in your prayers today.

It will be a great day, I have many wonderful memories to bless my day.


Theresa said...

Oh Doris, what a sweet Daddy! I loved all of these pictures! It reminded me of losing my own sweet Daddy and his last days! It has been almost 3 years and we did lots of happy things in his last days. He was in a Hospice and we had a wing party for my Sister's Birthday! My Daddy was feeling so good that night that the head nurse was about to kick him out of Hospice.

It was his last party :( he passed away three days after that. We took pictures too and I treasure all of them. Big hugs and prayers coming your way my friend! Love to you and to Mary!

Barb said...

Thanks Doris. You said it so well!!!

Musicaljean said...

Yes you did! And those pictures!! For some reason the one of him and Mary on the way to the lake is my favorite. I totally remember being told about that day and how happy I felt thinking of him doing that and being greeted by all the neighborhood people. It was such a bright spot.