Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I'm troubled....and a little bit mad, I confess

Sometimes things just don't happen as planned. Sometimes it's a real surprise. I'm not so sure I like that.

Today I went to the pharmacy to get refills for Ellen's meds. She has an insurance plan that covers the cost that our health insurance doesn't. (She has this because of her MR diagnosis). I was told I owe $77.  I said that couldn't be correct.....there shouldn't be a balance. They checked and said her plan ended on August 28. What??

How come I didn't know this? I had completed all the forms and sent them in before the due date.....even though the process nearly causes me to swear like a sailor. I hate those confusing forms.....it's the Government, I suppose confusion should be expected.

My stomach is in knots tonight. It was too late to get anyone on the phone......one office closed at 3:30 and the other one at 5. I couldn't even leave a message.....there were already too many left for them!!

I'll try to let this rest till I can do something about it in the morning. Whatever the problem is, I hope it can be fixed....or I'll be job hunting again....not cool, not cool at all =(


Musicaljean said...

Oh, Doris, this kind of stuff just gives me fits. I can TOTALLY relate to the knot in your stomach. I am praying for you now, and will do so every time you come to my mind.

That date - does it have anything to do with her birthday? How very bizarre.

fahnmamma said...

Jeanie, I don't think it has anything to do with her birthday....the renew date is always the end of August. I sent in pay stubs instead of faxingg them this year.....I don't have access to a fax anymore. Maybe they didn't get there? Trying not to worry...thanks for praying!

Theresa said...

I almost didn't read blogs tonight before I went to bed... I am glad I did! I'll pray about this tonight that it will be OK and that you will get some rest!



Hope you can rest in the midst of the frustration and craziness.